How To Make The Perfect Espresso Martini

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Jul 25, 2022

For the coffee lovers out there, the espresso martini is the go-to drink for many. Sexy, sophisticated and indulgent – this cold caffeinated alcoholic beverage is a classic for a reason.

Whilst the thought of making your own espresso martinis at home may sound intimidating, don’t despair; this signature cocktail relies purely on only a few essential key ingredients and a master home mixologist (that’s you!). 

The key to delivering the perfect espresso martini is having the right tools and ingredients on hand.  You of course need a cocktail shaker and whilst free-pouring may be ‘your thing’, consider measuring ingredients to ensure you get those combinations just right. Using high-quality ingredients is a must for flavour; real espresso coffee works best for this or if you don’t have access to a coffee machine, why not try a cold brew concentrate instead. Fill your shaker with ice cubes, then add the ingredients.

Whilst you’ll need to shake hard to ensure a rich, creamy foam is created, don’t go overboard and obliterate the ice; 20-30 seconds should do it. The ice will cool the cocktail and freeze the liquid but it can also dilute and destroy the taste. Don’t wait too long before you pour and make sure you remove the ice from the shaker by pouring through a strainer directly into a chilled martini glass. 

While traditionally an espresso martini contains a mix of coffee liqueur, vodka, ice and espresso coffee, there are some new and delightful flavour combinations you may want to experiment with. Consider rum or tequila or add something sweeter such as a chocolate liqueur (our favourite!). Garnish with a few coffee beans on top or elevate your espresso martini to the next level with finely grated chocolate to finish off.

Industry Beans x Mr Black Chocolate Espresso Martini

60 ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

15 ml Industry Beans Cold Brew Concentrate

15 ml Chocolate Liqueur 

Grated dark chocolate for garnish

Combine ingredients in the shaker with ice

Shake hard!

Strain into martini glass and garnish with grated chocolate

Makes one cocktail


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