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Farmer Lachlan McAleer Finally Finds Romance

Farmer Lachlan McAleer Finally Finds Romance1

After a highly publicised failed marriage to Clare Tamas on Married At First Sight, Lachlan chose gorgeous naturopath Belinda Reid on the finale of The Farmer Wants A Wife.

Despite the obvious chemistry between the pair, Belinda, 35, says they’re content to take it one step at a time.

Farmer Lachlan McAleer Finally Finds Romance4
Lachlan’s relationship with Clare went horribly wrong.

“We’re taking our time. If this fairytale progresses the way I’d like it to then I can see myself on the farm,” Belinda told show host Sam McClymont.

“I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed my time on the farm.”

Sitting down next to her man after a quick kiss and cuddle, she opened up about what she adores most about Lachlan.

“For me one of the biggest things with people is a sense of humour and Lachy has a great sense of humour,” she said.

Lachlan says he realises he needs a woman who is loving, caring and has a sense of humour.

Farmer Lachlan McAleer Finally Finds Romance2

“There was definitely chemistry there,” he continued, gushing about the strong connection and sense of attraction the pair share.

The other farmers also supported Lachlan’s decision to choose Belinda as his future wife.

“Lachy chose Belinda and she is bloody cool. I can actually see something kicking on there,” said oyster farmer Jedd.

Adds diary farmer Adam: “Lachlan and Belinda seem to be very comfortable with each other and they seem to be in a very good place.”

Adam also found love on the show with graphic designer Hayley.

“She’s a gorgeous girl and she knows who she is and she knows what she wants,” Adam gushed.

Hayley admitted: “I’ve never met someone so genuinely thoughtful and caring. He makes me want to be a better person.”

Oyster farmer Jedd chose season favourite Samantha in the end.

“I’m definitely falling for Sam,” the 37-year-old South Australian admitted, with Sam saying she loved Jedd’s sense of humour.

Meanwhile, Julz opted for NSW psychologist Mel, and Western Australian farmer Matt from Pilbara revealed he had fallen for 23-year-old April, who was already set to move across the country for him.

“She brings out the best in me,” Matt told host Sam.

But farmer Lance wasn’t so lucky, choosing not to pursue a romance with any of the women he met on the show.

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