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This House Cost Just $20,000 But It’s Nicer Than Yours

Ultra low-cost New Homes

As housing prices rise and people become more concerned about their environmental footprint, more alternatives are booming across the world and in Australia.

In the US, major advances are happening now that could change the entire industry.

Architecture students at Rural Studio from Auburn University’s design-build program in West Alabama have designed these ultra low-cost homes from only US$20,000.

Ultra low-cost New Homes  3

The next step, and upcoming challenge, is definitely to tackle a broader market, say program bosses.

“We’re in a kind of experimental stage of the program, where we’re really trying to find out the best practice of getting this house out into the public’s hands,” says Rusty Smith, associate director of Rural Studio.

The team supporting the project spent a tremendous amount of time to optimise every little detail of the housing to lower the price and keep it functional.

At the same time, the biggest issue they are facing is restriction laws occurring in the housing market.

Ultra low-cost New Homes  2

A kit-set granny flat from GMI Homes in Australia.

The existing housing system is not really ready yet to welcome these very different alternatives, says Rusty.

“They look at the documents, and the house is immediately denied a permit simply because the code officials didn’t understand it,” adds Rusty.

Local officials are slowly getting educated to this new practice but there is a lot to come.

Similar ‘kit homes’ or ‘shipping containers homes’ are also being developed in Australia, offering a large choice in terms of design customisation and utilisation.

Ultra low-cost New Homes 1
Converted shipping containers like this one make stunning homes.

Accommodations are not just cheaper, but also eco-friendly, easy to build and long-lasting.

From granny flats, offices, student flats, and garages to a deluxe home for your city retreat, possibilities are endless with safe and sustainable homes now available at an affordable price.

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