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Fly To Helsinki For A Year’s Worth Of Smashed Avo On Toast

Fly to Helsinki for a year’s worth of smashed avo on toast

Fancy saving enough to go on an epic adventure of a lifetime?

According to Skyscanner Australia, all it takes is a little discipline and replacing, or removing, the little indulgences to ensure your dollar goes further.

By cutting out all the suggested treats, you can save a total of $7,077 a year, which can take you on a grand tour of Europe and then some. Just follow these tips:

Smashed avo on toast is an Aussie staple, but why not satisfy the craving at home and save $22 a week for a flight to Helsinki?
We all know the expression “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”, but how about trading a moment on the lips, for a lifetime trip? Cutting out that daily $3 can of coke can nab you a flight to Honolulu and might get your body beach ready for sunbathing along the strip of Waikiki.

Skyscanner's tricks to save money and fly to Helsinki

Working out is great, but working out a way to go on a dream holiday is even better! Banish the guilt you feel when you don’t make it to the gym you’re paying for. Halt the monthly membership payments and follow a Jane Fonda workout at home to secure flights toColombo.

A wake-up coffee is a morning essential, but why not take advantage of the free instant variety at work and save $4 a day? Your taste buds may not thank you now, but skipping the caffeine can get you a flight to L.A. for an All-American road trip!

Small indulgences can lead to big investments, so giving up one of these treats can help Aussies save money and plan their dream holiday this year!

Once you’d saved money, find the perfect destination for your next holiday. Here are a few inspirations:

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Or learn how to make your smashed avo on toast your self:

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