14 Long-Ignored Household Trends That Are Suddenly Cool Again

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Jan 25, 2022

Lydia Colman, a stylist with a refined approach to interior design and fashion, shares the top household trends with The Carousel.

Trying to stay on top of the latest trends in home design? These 14 vintage fashion styles are back in style.

Popular trends come and go… and then they return. In reality, while each age puts its own stamp on house design, much of what is fashionable today is a throwback to a previous era. Here are a few design ideas that are making a comeback after a period of obscurity.


Stainless steel and rose gold have each had their times in the spotlight recently, but now it’s brass’ turn (again). This popular metal adds color and warmth to a kitchen, bathroom, or even a living room or outdoor living space when used for hardware and fixtures.

Classic Cabinets

This cabinet was created by designer Angela Bunt.

Open shelves and shiny minimalist cabinets were popular in kitchens for a while. Carefully piled plates and glasses served as both needs and selected décor in many rooms, but the open appearance wasn’t for everyone, and some homeowners felt overexposed. The traditional cabinet is making a resurgence nowadays, and homeowners have a plethora of materials, colors, stain, and hardware options to choose from.

Walls with Panels

Walking into a room with wood paneling seemed like stepping back into the 1970s until lately. In fact, old-school paneling is sometimes one of the first things to go during a remodel. Wall paneling has had a rebirth in recent years, due to popular home improvement programs and a little rebranding. Many designers are adding shiplap or tongue and groove and painting it dazzling white to separate today’s paneling from the vilified versions of the past. This helps to dispel any associations between wall paneling and dark, dismal homes.


You may take your treasures out of storage and add a couple of additional throw pillows to the couch. The appeal of minimalism is being surpassed by maximalism. While sleek furniture and pristine surfaces have been all the rage in recent years, maximalism is making a comeback. With this trend, you can show off your passions while also letting your personal style emerge.

Furniture in the style of Art Deco

Because mid-century modern’s clean lines and minimalist approach to furniture design and décor were initially a direct response to the art deco movement that preceded it, it seems natural that revivals of these two styles would occur in tandem, even if the order has altered. Geometric patterns, symmetry, and old-school glamor are all hallmarks of Art Deco. In this Gatsby-era style, shell-shaped velvet accent chairs and chaises are making a resurgence, as are wood pieces adorned with Greek key, triangle, or zig-zag motifs.


Leaf Supply
Clapton Tram

Unless you have a terrible green thumb, you’ve almost certainly always had a few houseplants in your home. Houseplants, on the other hand, have grown in favor among nature-deprived homes to the point that entire rooms are being turned into indoor jungles. People are ready to embrace the health advantages of indoor plants and utilize them as living décor, harkening back to the 1970s. Finding odd houseplants—beyond the classic spider plant—is now simpler than ever because to the huge range of alternatives available at local nurseries, garden malls, and online buying sites.


Wallpaper has been slowly but surely regaining popularity among homeowners. Forget with those hideous flowery motifs from the 1980s! Today’s sellers provide solutions that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before: bold, contemporary, and design-friendly. Today’s homeowners have even more creative leeway when it comes to utilizing wallpaper throughout the house: Apply it to all of the walls in a room, or use it to create a whimsical accent wall by painting three walls and papering the fourth.

Kitchens with Color

Arc Pavilion - Kitchen (Photo Credit_ Kylie Bell)

Who doesn’t want to cook in a white kitchen? The monochromatic appearance of luxurious subway tiling, brilliant quartz countertops, and white cabinetry can be lovely, but it can get repetitive after a time. That’s why color in the kitchen is making a comeback. No, you won’t see the 1970s’ burned oranges and avocado greens; today’s splashes of color are brighter and breezier, and they match nicely with white, giving vibrancy and vitality without adding too much visual weight to the space.

Tubs that stand alone

Nothing beats a peaceful soak in a hot tub for some people. Many today’s homeowners desire a lavish stand-alone tub in their bathrooms as a result of an increased focus on self-care in these stressful times.

Ceilings made of tin

Great Ocean Road Bathroom
Great Ocean Road bathroom

No matter when the house was constructed, today’s homeowners desire appealing interiors that tell a narrative and pique their curiosity. This ambition might explain why tin ceilings have been resurrected in recent years. The style has a retro vibe to it while remaining very current.

Furniture Made Using Woven Materials

Cane and rattan furniture were formerly popular in stylish interiors before being confined to the outdoors. They’ve made their way back inside after around 50 years. This design provides texture and a natural aspect to your decor with ornate bed frames and woven chairs. 

Wooden Lights

Hardwood floors will never go out of style, but the “it” stain color varies over time. Light-colored wood floors are replacing the once-common dark cherry wood tones, thanks to Scandinavian design influences. While lighter-colored floors demand more maintenance (take off those nasty shoes!), they have design advantages such as making a space appear larger and brighter.


Beige is back

Are you looking for a neutral color? Beige is making a comeback. In the 1990s, the soft hue was all the rage—from the sofa to the carpet to the walls—but in the aughts, brilliant whites and cool grays swept over. Unlike the dull beige of the 1990s, today’s fashion is everything but. For a peaceful guest room, consider painting your kitchen cabinets this mild hue or selecting bedding in the color.

Rooms for Individuals

For the past 15 years, open floor plans have been on everyone’s wish lists, but throughout that period, homeowners have realized that the lack of barriers also meant a loss of personal space. Houses with an open floor layout are loud and provide little solitude from one another outside of the bedroom. Homeowners are increasingly erecting walls to divide living rooms and establish designated places.


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