11 Affordable Australian Barbie Buys

Mustard Made cupboards - pink range
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Aug 15, 2023

After my recent and nasty rise in student debt, this wee little lass is on a budget. With the power of Google and my extraordinary search engine skills. I present to you my ten favourite and most affordable Australian Barbie buys

1. Typo Australia

At my local Typo shop, I bought a hot pink and cobalt blue pen case for myself. I gave my friend a fluffy pink pen, after hearing that her pet bird had died in the morning.

I’m trying a new hot pink purple silicone lunch box. I may store non-food items in it… I haven’t decided quite yet, but it was half-price. A savings bargain I couldn’t refuse!

I’m lusting after the pink square floor cushions. I could take them to an AFL game next year. I also like the heart-shaped photo frames, funky vases and mirrors. But there is many more bright fun affordable homeware. I’m always looking forward to seeing the new stock.

2. Custom Barbie Toy Box

For my niece’s birthday, I bought them a custom pink Barbie box off Etsy. (Probably made by someone clever with a Cricut machine). I set myself a small budget and bought a handful of pink beauty products from my local Target or Kmart. I like to walk to my local shops. And then reward myself with a small cash buy. I look for items that are light enough to carry home in a backpack. 

I added pink bandannas from eBay. Then I hand-wrote them cards with instructions on how to fold and glue the box. 

3. BYS Australia

While I was resting my back, on my physio’s advice, I watched a TikTok video of an influencer doing her makeup. Such a brave soul! She introduced the ‘girl gang’ to the new range of BYS products. While presenting she skillfully navigated the app, while doing their eyes and lips. The team moderated the questions and comments. The younger generation is so multi-talented. I could never do this without botching it up!

The question is do I buy a Barbie makeup mirror? And where do I find one? Or do I buy a boring old black one that’s practical? 

4. Manicare Beauty Australia

I popped into my local Priceline and bought two products by Manicare Beauty. I bought a long pink tweezer by Manicare and a four-pack of reusable make-up remover towels. I carried them home in a reusable shopping bag.

At home, I tried both products. These are super cute hot pink small towels. You can use these if you have sensitive skin. Afterwards, pop them in the washing machine (think a mesh washing bag) to reuse.

How to Recycle Your Makeup 💄

Did you know you drop off some of your old make-up at Priceline? 🚮You’ll find a bin to drop in your:

  • ✔ Accepted: You can recycle glass bottles, mascara tubes, wands and eyeliners, and pumps. You can recycle caps and droppers, lip products, plastic tubes, bottles and containers. Return beauty items like palettes and compacts (including mirrors).
  • ❌ Not Accepted: Do not take nail polish, perfumes and aerosols. You can not recycle makeup brushes and makeup products that are not empty. You cannot recycle wooden makeup pencils here.

5. Budget Shopping Stores in Australia

If you live in Australia, then the three best shopping stores are Target, Big W and Kmart. Of course, some products will last longer than others. So spend your hard-earned money wisely. 

  • Target Australia: Great for basic t-shirts, books, games and sometimes workwear. I do recommend their black skirts and trousers. 
  • Big W Australia: I like their surfing range of clothes. Their lingerie always sells out of my size! 
  • Kmart Australia: Great for budget craft and beauty buys. Easy to walk around the store and return items that might not fit your weirdly shaped Barbie dog! 

6. EB Games Australia

How to Collect Pokemon Cards! at EB Games

The staff are always so lovely to me at EB Games Australia. It’s one of my favourite shops. So when they had their end of the financial sale. I bought lots and lots of merchandise on sale. Spoiler alert – all my family are getting playing cards for Christmas presents! Sorry, not sorry.

7. Dresden Glasses

Dresden eyewear frames: How we recycle in our zero waste, closed-loop manufacturing

Dresden has a rainbow collection of mix-and-match frames and glasses arms. At the moment, I have a red, green and blue pair of reading glasses. My next pair might be the hot pink glasses, but alas I am on a tight budget. I always get a blue tint for digital work.

The frames are made in Sydney, Australia. They are manufactured from recycled materials and come with a 10-year frame warranty.

8. Shoe Shopping in Australia

Before watching the film in the cinema, we went shopping. My friend and I wandered around together. We showed each other good shops for hot pink finds. It’s great exercise, but I detest shoe shopping!!! So I took lots of photos and didn’t buy much. 

My friend bought some high heels from Steve Madden. While I lusted after the cute handbags and necklaces. I’ll end up purchasing Rollie Nation or Frankie4 shoes next. Then splurge on another pair of navy blue Volleys or finally buy a pair of rebellious Doc Martens boots. What colour?

Uniqlo Socks

I buy all my socks from Uniqlo. (It’s not an Australian brand, so I like some of their clothes, just not their sizing!!!). It’s best to buy the socks in four to save money. I can always find a pair of socks that work with my clothes and my sneakers or Blundstone boots. (A tall ex-boyfriend bought only black socks! What a boring Ken move!)

9. Australian Sleepwear

I must confess I bought a custom oversized nightie from Cotton On. I did have some loyalty points and there was a sale, so that bought the price right down. (Sorry Australia Post workers… they got slammed!) 

My friend likes the sleepwear range from Peter Alexander. It comes in lots of fun prints and patterns. The only item I want from Peter’s is the plush brown dachshund dog. 

10. Black Milk Clothing

I’d like to think I’ve grown up and become an adult. When I’m tired of listening to American sports on television… (my husband is currently obsessed with basketball, weird football and golf). I’ll admit, I have favourited every second item in the Black Milk Clothing catalogue.

11. Shop for Music at JB Hi-Fi

Dua Lipa – Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album) [Official Music Video]

I found the official Barbie Film Soundtrack at my local music shop. You can buy it online in record, or cassette formats. I’m lusting after the transparent pink cassette and neon pink vinyl record (but alas I do not have a record player!) @BarbieTheMovie

At some point, I’m going to have to buy another Mustard Made cupboard in pink or red or green. To store all these materialistic purchases inside!

As the famous Madonna song goes, “’Cause we are living in a material world… And I am a material girl.” But please take a shopping list with you, and shop responsibly. 

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By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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