What Is Reiki And How Does It Help With Stress And Anxiety?

What Is Reiki And How Does It Help With Stress And Anxiety?
Simonne Lee

Health Expert

Apr 05, 2018

First of all, the best way for me to explain Reiki, is to describe what it feels like to be on the receiving end. I always liken it to lying in a park under a tree with the sun streaming down in between the leaves. You can feel the warmth of the sun’s rays whilst slightly shaded and a cool breeze brushing against your skin. It’s similar to dozing off only your body begins to deeply unwind.

It’s a beautiful healing art that taps into a specific energy vibration (Reiki) to increase the body’s own natural healing process. The best part about a Reiki treatment is you can receive it in person or via distance in the comfort of your own home (the latter is my favourite).

Reiki origins are traced back to Japan around the mid-eighteen hundred’s but if you do a bit more research it dates back much further than that. This soft Reiki energy permeates through your aura (your electro-magnetic field) and gently spreads deeper within the body. By creating this deep relaxed state within you physically, mentally and emotionally. It begins to soothe the nervous system.

Let’s have a quick look at the nervous system it can be broken down into two parts. The sympathetic nervous system governs danger, it’s on alert in case a fight, flight or freeze response is needed. The partner of the sympathetic is the parasympathetic nervous system. This part that lets you unwind, create stability, relax and easily fall asleep. If you’re in stress or anxiety mode constantly throughout your day, your overworking the sympathetic part of your nervous system into overdrive. Here is where Reiki can work its magic.

Reiki’s energy will come in like gentle waves, washing all that stress and anxiety that’s been held in the body away. The body begins to soften and relax creating room for your emotions to flow instead of being stuck in the body. Reiki also creates head space for you think, clearing a foggy mind all while you relax.

Just imagine, all your muscle and organs begin to unwind, your emotions don’t feel stuck in a pressure cooker and your mind becomes spacious. It’s like an overhaul and to kick start for your parasympathetic nervous system. If your alert (sympathetic) system is on overdrive, Reiki has the ability to reset the balance between the two systems.

Being able to manage your stress and anxiety on a daily basis is life changing. It’s the ability to reset yourself and feel a sense of equilibrium from within. For those that live with stress and anxiety constantly, it can be debilitating. And when you lose that sense of safety within, that’s the tipping point.

If you’re willing to try and manage your stress levels through Reiki, I would suggest having sessions weekly (approximately four) initially, then fortnightly until you feel balanced within yourself.  When you’re ready, you can choose how often a Reiki treatment is needed that work for you to maintain this level stability.  Once you’ve achieved that state of feeling grounded and centred, you’re able to connect more with yourself and manage life around you much easier. 

The Carousel would like to thank Simonne Lee for her story. Simonne is a Life Strategist & Animal Communicator and her website is http://simonnelee.com/


By Simonne Lee

Health Expert

Simonne Lee is a life coach, clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki expert, and specialises in animal communication. Over the last 15 years, she has honed her craft and knowledge and is a highly regarded life strategists and holistic practitioner.



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