Wellness In The Garden With Tumeric

Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Aug 11, 2020

Not only does gardening get you out and about in nature which can be super relaxing and peaceful. But it also gets you exercising and growing plants and vegetable which can boost your health and wellbeing.

Here are some fabulous tips from Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat’s organic gardener Shelley Pryor on the health benefits of Turmeric and how to grow it in your own garden.


When you eat fresh organic food that is full of vitality, it is exactly how you are going to feel. You can see the process of food instead of consuming products which you have no idea about how they are produced and grown.

The Magic of Turmeric

Turmeric could be the answer to your problems, it is an anti-inflammatory, anti -oxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. It stimulates the adrenal system and supports liver function. It contains plenty of nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin a and vitamin c, iron, potassium and calcium.


How To Grow Turmeric

  1. Take a fresh piece of turmeric and break it in half and let it sit for a couple of days.
  2. Plant it an inch underground in well drained, fertile rich soil, in a sunny to shady position.
  3. It is ideal to plant Turmeric in spring, its dies down in autumn and is harvested in winter, when we need its nutriments the most.

Ways to consume Turmeric

  1. Put it in a tea/ or coffee
  2. Use it in soups
  3. Add it to rice
  4. Toss it with vegetables
  5. Blend it in smoothies
  6. Scramble with eggs, quiches, frittatas
  7. Try it with green veggies

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By Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

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