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Weather Presenter Magdalena Roze Eats Her Placenta

Magdalena Roze Eats Placenta

The 33-year-old TV presenter and meteorologist revealed in her self-titled blog that she takes the pills to assist in recovery and increase breast milk supply.

Magdalena joins a long list of celebrities including Kim Kardashian, January Jones and Holly Madison who have eaten their own placenta for the powerful health benefits.

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“The thought of eating my own placenta had never crossed my mind but when I heard about encapsulation and its benefits, and got the all-clear to try them from obstetrician, I thought why not?” she writes on her website.

“Placentas are very rich in iron, an array of essential hormones that help increase milk supply, cortisone to combat stress and healing vitamins and chemicals that reduce inflammation and bleeding and boost the immune system

“All incredible qualities to assist in healing after labour and the loss in energy and sleep that follows.”

Byron Bay-based Magdalena says the pills have no taste, as the placenta is dehydrated and encapsulated so it’s like a normal tablet.

“I was thinking about placentas while feeding the other day (as you do!) and I realised that it’s the only meat you can consume that comes from life, rather than the opposite as with all other meats.

“I’m still continuing to take the pills and eat the diet below post partum to build up my breast milk, replenish my blood supply, regulate my hormones, and nourish myself and the baby in general.

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“While I’m breast feeding exclusively it hasn’t come easy and I’m continuing to work on maintaining a healthy supply with a mixture of diet, herbs and pumping!

“It can be a bit of a chore but worth it for the baby.”

Magdalena say she also made sure she had plenty of eggs, oranges (her biggest craving), bone broth, bread and fish during her pregnancy.

She also avoided all sugar, processed foods and coffee.

“I also abstained from raw meat/fish and soft cheeses as per the official recommendation.

“There’s nothing wrong with these foods, it’s just that there’s a chance of contamination that can affect the baby so it’s one I didn’t want to take.”

Magdalena moved to Byron Bay when fiancé, chef Darren Robertson and his business partners in Sydney restaurant Three Blue Ducks were given the chance to open another restaurant there.

Magdalena Roze Eats Placenta 1

The Farm Byron Bay opened in March 2015 on a 33-hectare property and is part of a sustainable food and farming project.

Magdalena is clearly loving the relaxed vibe there and her new role as a mum to Archie, who arrived in December 2015.

She says mother has taught her “the true meaning of unconditional love, servitude and an unbreakable bond”.

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Written by TheCarousel

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