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The Battle Of The Bachelors Is On!

The Battle Of The Bachelors Is On!

Both have leveraged their newfound fame from the TV franchise to launch online fitness programs.

Chiropractor Tim struck first with The Robards Method (TRM) in 2014, and not to be outdone, Sam has now also just launched a fitness app, 28:28.

Tim’s program essentially promotes the benefits of calisthenics, along with good nutrition, of course. His gorgeous partner Anna Heinrich, below, says it’s done wonders for her overall health.

The Battle Of The Bachelors Is On!

The $99 Fitness Starter Pack includes “$210 worth of value, featuring premium TRM wooden rings, resistance band, TRM t-shirt and one week free fitness membership”.

Members then pay an additional $7.95 per week, which gives them access to the training app and its five levels of difficulty with 75 weeks of progressional workouts across 25 different grades.

“As you progress, you’ll be consistently challenged to improve your fitness and tone your body with over 300 different body-weight exercises, high intensity interval cardio and TRM rings workouts,” promises Tim.

The Battle Of The Bachelors Is On!

Tim told the Daily Mail Australia: “My dream is not just about creating a program to get you looking fitter, it’s about turning lifestyle diseases on their head and empowering people to take control of their health and not waste their potential.

“This is by far the most efficient, results-driven program out there, using the minimal amount of equipment possible to get the maximum amount of gains.”

Sam’s 28:28 rival program launched on February 1, 2016, and espouses the life-changing benefits of doing just 28 minutes of exercise in 28 days. His stunning new fiancee Snezana Markoski, below, swears by its benefits.

The Battle Of The Bachelors Is On!

“In 28 days, you won’t recognise the person you are right now,” says Sam on the website.

“Because you’re going to look and feel 28 days worth of FANTASTIC.”

For “less than $2 a day” Sam promises a customised workout and food plan.

“The ultimate goal of the program is to just get more people active and to understand that no matter how busy you are you can find 28 minutes.”

The Battle Of The Bachelors Is On!

Popular I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! co-host Julia Morris is already a big fan and says it helped her get into great shape for the latest hit series in the South African jungle.

“I have had the great good fortune of training with the completely magnificent Sam Wood over the past few months in my attempt to get fitter for the punishing 8 week shoot of I’m a Celebrity…” she says.

The Battle Of The Bachelors Is On!

“I have no interest in exercise. I am a full time mummy, wife, friend and career woman. There is very little time in my day that is not already allocated.

“I am just trying to get fit enough that I can survive everything that is put on my plate.”

For more on Sam and Snez’s fairy-tale love story, click here.

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