Rock, Bop, Relax! Yoga’s Revolution

Rock, Bop, Relax! The Yoga Revolution
Franki Hobson


Jun 10, 2018

Urban Yoga is the hot new practice on everyone’s hips, err, lips – a sensorial spin that takes the best parts of the age-old practice and puts them into a sleek and contemporary environment, with poses played out to the tunes of a progressive soundtrack and specially curated visuals.

With its unconventional and unique practices, Urban Yoga is the game-changer of the decade – for all levels, from beginners to warriors – making it appealing to everyone.

You’ll never get bored again – or fall asleep in child’s pose!

Rock, Bop, Relax! The Yoga Revolution - in the heart of Surry Hills

The upbeat signature practice, Urban, has been specifically crafted for those with pre-existing yoga experience. Designed to be dynamic and challenging, Urban drops in unapologetic tunes from the likes of Chet Faker, Fleetwood Mac and a host of featured artists, mixed by Los Angeles artist DJ Jackmore, to create yoga with a pulse and a cinematic backdrop to pump things up.

Beginners can take a yin class (Urban Stretch) and gently stretch those limbs to a full-screen cinematic experience, watching David Attenborough style nature scenes with waterfalls, African deer running across barren plains and polar bear cubs nuzzling into their mummy with a serene soundtrack to match.Yoga Revolution If you’re a tad rusty or just find it difficult to switch off from the world, the Urban Base classes will help you ‘switch on’ to a yoga practice and get comfortable through a slower flow of postures – with cool tunes and visuals, of course!

Guys even get a ring-in, with the Urban Warrior class designed specifically to address areas problematic for men while helping improve flexibility and core strength.urban-yoga-5

Urban Yoga is the brainchild of founder Jacinta McDonell who wanted to create a place for more people to connect with yoga.

“After years of attending yoga and Bikram classes, I felt there was something missing from current practices, which lack consistency and are often restrictive in their offerings and so I wanted to create something new,” explains Jacinta. “Urban Yoga was designed to connect anyone and everyone to the mat by combining the rhythm of music, the aesthetics of curated visuals and the assistance of great instructors to create a style of yoga that looks better, sounds better and feels better.”

According to the Urban Yoga crew, the new spin on yoga promises to “reinvigorate you both mentally and physically through its sensory immersion, transporting you from the mat and your mind so you can disconnect from the urban world and reconnect with yourself.”

Each class has two dedicated hands-on instructors to welcome, guide and adjust attendees so they can learn safely and quickly.



“With Urban Yoga, we have created a space for people to connect to a yoga practice in a way that has never been done before and provide something really special for people to experience,” explains Jacinta.


By Franki Hobson


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