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Meet The World’s Most Inspiring Seniors

Meet The Worlds Most Inspiring Seniors
  1. Greta Pontarelly, 65, pole dancer

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It was fear of osteoporosis that got Greta up from her desk and first onto a pole at 58, but it was pure grit and daily affirmations that, just three years later when she was 61, won her first place at the 2014 pole sports world champs. Today, the lithesome Californian is still going strong, regularly entering competitions from London to Singpaore. “Many start to think that even at 40 or 45, it’s already too late to begin something new, to find a new dream,” says the ageless Greta. “I am glad I am able to convince them that it’s never too late to realise your dream and be happy.”

  1. Ruth Flowers, 82, DJ

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Sadly, the self-described “oldest and hippest DJ in the world” is now playing the great dance floor in the sky, having passed away in May 2014. But Ruth, aka Mamy Rock, was still spinning the tunes right up to her death at 82. “I’ve done what I wanted with my life, but life does take its turns,” she said recently. “Becoming a DJ is certainly one of the best things I’ve ever done.” London-based Ruth found her unlikely calling at her grandson’s birthday. After fighting her way past a rather incredulous bouncer – “This fellow outside the door said ‘You don’t want to go in there, madam’ and I told him, ‘Yes I jolly well do, it’s my grandson’s birthday!’” – she fell in love with what she saw.

  1. Lynn Ruth Miller, 82, burlesque dancer/comedian

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Choosing to leave the knitting needles and a rocking chair for other elderly ladies, Lynn instead rocks a feather boa and a stage. And she is working it. Proving it’s never too late to live your dreams, the former journalist took up comedy 11 years ago when writing a story about learning to be funny.
Because she was an amazing 71-year-old with more than a few stories to tell, she found her class was loving her comedy set. So she took to touring America and the UK and has never looked back. As if she wasn’t already a total legend, Lynne decided to bring in burlesque and stripping into her routine. “I’m not telling every 80-year-old to start ripping your clothes off, but I’m saying make every day different.”

  1. Cindy Joseph, 65, model

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Cindy’s natural make-up style has helped influence the face of beauty for 25 years. She says her preference is to allow the character and personality of the woman to come forth, having the make-up enhance rather than mask their natural beauty. As her career was flourishing, Cindy was studying human behavior, psychology and philosophy along with health and fitness. She was inspired to do so by her “desire for self knowledge and to define true beauty”. Becoming healthier and more self aware as time passes, Cindy says she’s now embracing her age with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Written by TheCarousel

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