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5 Top Kitchen Hacks By Rachael Finch To Make Life Easy

Kitchen Hacks By Rachael Finch

There are certainly tips and tricks to make things easier in life and in the kitchen.

I spend a huge chunk of time in my kitchen, preparing meals for the family and friends.

Over the years I’ve learnt a few nifty hacks that save time and stress! I also have a lot of fun with these hacks, it’s a little left-field and keeps meal prep interesting.

1. Easy way to remove the mango skin!
One of my best kitchen hacks is getting the skin off a mango. Something I learnt about 10 years ago when I was on MasterChef. Grab a big wine glass or glass drinking cup and cut the mango into quarters. Place the edge of the mango to the brim of the glass and carefully slide the mango piece down, landing the flesh nicely in the glass. Kids snack, sorted!

2. Keep avocado green after opening it.

If I’m making guacamole or want to keep half an avocado in the fridge, I’ll keep the seed in the bowl with the part I didn’t use and cover. This stops it from going brown and prevents you from having to bin it and waste food.

3. Remove skin from garlic.
A quick way to take all the skin off your garlic cloves is to put the garlic cloves into a Tupperware container or glass jar, close the lid and give it a good shake. Slowly you’ll start to see the skin being removed. Va-lah.

4. Knife storage.
A great way to store knives on the bench top (and out of draws away from tiny hands) is to make your own holders! Simply fill a drinking glass to the top with rice and place the knife in carefully. I keep mine next to the stove and preparation area for easy access.

5. Remove the seeds from cherry’s!
Want to display your cherries as whole but without the seeds? Save and wash out a kombucha bottle (or any bottle the same size) and place the cherry on the top. Using a straw, apply enough pressure to the top and push out the seed so it lands in the bottle. Hello genius.

The Carousel would like to thank Rachael Finch for this article. 

Rachael Finch is the founder of and B.O.D By Finch

Written by TheCarousel

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