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How To Inject More Productivity Into Your Life Today

Inject More Productivity Into Your Life

In layperson terms, the term basically means being aware of yourself and the world around you.

And if you ask Kate Kendall, the Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic and Blackmores Influencer, by sticking to a few basic principles it can have a far-reaching impact on you life in every sense.

More Productivity Into Your Life

“It’s everything,” says Kate. “It’s important for productivity, purpose and passion and it allows us to be our most authentic self.”

Mindfulness is all about moment-to-moment awareness. It’s about making conscious choices and doing things with your whole heart. Think of it as ‘showing up’ fully in whatever activity you’re doing at any one time.”

Here’s how to get started, says Kate.

  1. Be Still

Find two to three moments in the day (including the very start of it, in the morning) to be completely still and just observe the breath. Stillness is the most under-utilised tool we have for productivity and fulfilment.

  1. Practice mindful eating

When you’re eating, eat slowly and savour each mouthful. Not only will you be less likely to over eat but your digestive system will thank you. Be mindful of the types of foods that over stimulate and cause ‘crashes’, (typically caffeine and sugar). Instead, opt for natural sources of energy and vitality such as the Blackmores range of superfoods, which have added Nature Boost – concentrated vitamins and nutrients, extracted from nature to further enhance the superfoods existing nutritional content.

More Productivity Into Your Life 2

  1. Make time to digest your day

At the end of your day, take five minutes to sit and reflect. Acknowledge the conversations, actions and moments in your day. Give gratitude for the things that were great and – without necessarily wading in them – recognise the areas you could have acted with more integrity or kindness. Processing your day is key to sleeping well and clearing your head.

  1. Remember RAA

The first R stands for ‘reconnect’. Take five minutes in the morning to breathe deeply and reconnect with yourself. The first A is ‘aware’, and it stands for focusing wholeheartedly on whatever you are doing at that moment, without distractions. The second A stands for ‘authentic’, or making decisions for your greater good and the greater good of everyone around you. Using the RAA technique offers a really stable foundation from which you can kind of move forwards in the direction of your own dreams.

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