How Colour Can Lift Your Mood And Your Love Life!

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Alison Maiden


May 16, 2022

When we treat colour as a vibration we can actually lift our energy field and create a healthier happier state of mind.

What do the colours mean?

We all have energy centres where our physical body connects to our spirit. Those centres emit a certain frequency and it can be measured in light or more accurately colour. So what colours can help you? I’m glad you asked!

Happier Days
Wearing Brighter Colours Has been Shown To Improve Your Mood!

Wear RED for passion, energy, leadership and strength.

Wear Orange for motivation, moving forward, fertility and releasing stubborn old patterns.

Wear Yellow for happiness, expansion, expression of feelings, gaining trust.

Wear Green for peace and relaxation, attracting loving relationships, all forms of healing.

Wear Blue for communication, giving lectures or speeches, job interviews.

Wear Indigo for intuition, spiritual awareness and spiritual contact.

Wear white for purification, deflecting negative energy, clearing your personal space.

Wear black to absorb negativity, feeling calm, suppress overactivity.

Wear silver and gold to attract wealth, knowledge and abundance.

Oh and most importantly if you are drawn to wearing a particular colour then do it! It’s your own intuition telling you what vibration you need to boost.


By Alison Maiden


Alison Maiden is a world famous psychic medium with more than 30 years’ experience working as a medium, healer and teacher. Alison is originally from Adelaide, but recently relocated to Los Angeles where she has embarked on her new career in Hollywood with a TV show in the wings. For more information visit Alison's website at



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