Hot Body Secrets: Annalise Braakensiek Reveals Her Top 4 Tips

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Annalise Braakensiek

Lifestyle Writer

Apr 07, 2017

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is how do I stay in shape.

My fitness regime has varied over the years, depending on the era (hello, late teen Step Reebok in tights with a G String leotard over the top anyone?!) to what country I’m in, the weather, and my energy levels.

I have found the main thing to get the best results is consistency. I have always been active and trained five to six, sometimes seven times a week since I was a young teen, and I have always eaten a well balanced biodynamic, organic, and predominantly plant based diet and drank plenty of purified water. I believe in honouring your body, (mind and soul too) and not pushing yourself to the point of injury or exhaustion –both of which I’ve done in the past -resulting in a slipped disc and then Chronic Fatigue which left me bed bound for far too many months…. Not fun!

Annalise’s 4 Top Tips For Staying Fit

Today I like to mix up yoga, power walking, soft sand walking and running, Pilates and PT’ing. *bearing in mind what works for me, might not work for you. I’d suggest you consult your trusted therapist – a kinesiologist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, or specialist of your choice, before committing to a new exercise style or regime.

  1. I LOVE to practice yoga …. I’ve been doing so for almost 20 years, and I find it really helps to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the body, but best of all calm the mind and ease the nerves. When I couldn’t practice yoga my nerves were shot! I really noticed a dramatic difference , so I studied Vedic meditation which was a wonderful help, and still is. I love to mix a strong Power Vinyasa Flow, a Chill flow, and Yin yoga class in the infra red heated room at Body Mind Life into my week. I also roll out my mat out when I’m abroad, or find a local studio, however lets face it, its a bit difficult practicing yoga in a country where you don’t understand the language!
  1. I really discovered my love for, and the benefits of Pilates two years ago, after my slipped disc injury, I was advised to do it when I could no longer do PT sessions, F45, walk, or practice yoga. I have continued with it now long after my injury has healed. I find the benefits of Pilates are INCREDIBLE for toning, tightening, sculpting, core strength, and posture. And I find it has really helped my yoga practice too.
  1. Personal Training. I had a fab woman Christa Nicols come to my place twice a week after I had done enough Pilates to be able to try PTing again, she gave me a personalised routine with extra care for my back and a fab travel program I used on my last few trips to Antigua, South Africa and Mauritius. I now use Jana Haupt from The Core Method, who I’ve PT’ed and yoga’ed with for years, but who previously didn’t do mobile training, she now comes to my place once a week, is very skilled, not just at pushing me harder than I could do in a class or solo, but she has degrees in nutrition, yoga and psychology … so her approach is not only to get in fabulous shape, but to do it holistically and mindfully, because we’re all different at different times in our lives. She kills me kindly;) 
  2. Powerwalking, and soft sand walks and runs. I love to powerwalk  (strontzing and stomping I call it) It’s a fab way for low impact cardio, to catch up with friends, and to see places. Whether that be our divine Australian coastlines and beaches, or the mountains, beaches or cities around the globe. Our tootsies are a wonderful way to see the world and keep fit at the same time (not to mention help save the environment) I walk as much as I can.

How to stay motivated?

My biggest word of advice would be to have fun and mix it up! Try not to make exercise a chore…..I personally love to exercise, but I’m very mindful to choose awesome teachers and instructors, (most have become dear friends in fact, that’s how much I enjoy their classes!) and lock in walks or soft sand runs with friends. I truly believe if exercise is enjoyable, you’ll get better results, and be more motivated and committed. I know I am.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that being fit doesn’t necessarily mean being skinny. I have learnt to embrace my natural curves and make the most of what I’ve got. I love my food, I love to eat, ( oh boy do I love to cook and eat!) but as long as I’m firm and healthy, size isn’t important. Health and fitness is.

I hope my routine is of help and inspiration to you. Here’s to being healthy, fit, strong, flexible and pain free.

With love and health,



By Annalise Braakensiek

Lifestyle Writer

Best known for her work as a model, actress and television personality, Annalise Braakensiek was one of Australia’s most popular and multi-faceted celebrities. An internationally recognised covergirl and Logie Award nominee, Sydney-based Annalise was also a keen designer, vegetarian chef and entrepreneur, whose passion for healthy living, the environment and animal rights shines through in all she does. Annalise passed away in 2019. The Carousel took the decision to continue to feature her fabulous recipes and stories because we want to keep her memory alive. And, we believe Annalise would like that.


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