Empowering Health: The Essential Guide to Regular Cancer Screenings for Women

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Apr 18, 2024

In the pace of daily life, it’s easy to let essential health checks slide down the to-do list. Yet, in the midst of our busy schedules, prioritising health screenings, especially for cancer, stands as a north star of self-care for optimal wellbeing.

With recent data[1] shining the spotlight on cancer as a leading cause of health burden in Australia across all age groups and genders, the importance of early detection through regular screenings has never been more paramount. COVID saw a decrease due to access and a focus on other personal needs, as we recalibrated our lives to cope with the disruption. However, as we move into a new era, as women, taking charge of our health not only nourishes our wellbeing but ensures we are there, vibrant and strong, for those we love.

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5 Reasons to Keep Testing on our Health Agenda

Cancer screenings are a powerful tool in our health toolkit. Here are five reasons why they are indispensable for early detection:

  • Early Detection May Save Lives: Regular screenings may detect early-stage cancer, often before symptoms appear. Early intervention means better treatment options and a higher chance of long-term survival.
  • Knowledge is Power: Screenings provide crucial insights into our health, allowing us to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards maintaining our wellbeing.
  • Advancements in Access, Comfort and Convenience: We understand that some people are hesitant to screen based on access or even discomfort. Healthcare providers are continually innovating to make screening more accessible and less daunting including the new self collection for cervical screening and ongoing research into a new blood test for prostate cancer. 
  • Empowerment through Early Detection: Regular screenings embody an act of self-care and empowerment, placing our health and future in our own hands. This, combined with a focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle including diet, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and exercise, contribute to a life focused on wellbeing.
  • Community Support and Resources: Numerous programs and resources are available to guide and support us through the screening process, ensuring that no woman has to navigate her health journey alone including BreastScreen Australia, Cancer Australia for cervical screening, breast screening and many other cancers.  

Healthcare experts and organisations are making concerted efforts to raise awareness, improve access, and demystify screenings. Campaigns like “Breast Cancer Won’t Wait” and “Don’t Wait Mate” are reminders of the urgency and importance of health checks.

The aftermath of the pandemic saw a dip in cancer screening rates, yet the path to recovery and resilience is clear. Regular screenings across all health conditions—cervical, breast, bowel, and more— offer not only the chance for early detection, but also provide a gateway to effective treatment and significantly improved outcomes.

National screening programs are available to detect breast cancer, bowel cancer and cervical cancer (with the Australian guidelines advising to screen every two years for breast and bowel cancer and every five years for cervical cancer). For more information about all cancer screening services or to schedule a screening, please contact your local healthcare provider and don’t delay. Ask your healthcare provider about the tests available and how they can support you on this journey.

Remember, your health is your wealth, and by prioritising screenings, you’re investing in a future filled with promise, vitality, and presence.

[1] https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/cancer/cancer-data-in-australia/contents/overview-of-cancer-in-australia-2023


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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