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Are You Ready to Get FHIT – the Lauren Hannaford Way?

Are You Ready to Get FHIT – the Lauren Hannaford Way?

FHIT aims to lead the way in the ever-changing $480 million health and wellness industry in Australia. At its core, FHIT is about real results for real bodies by achieving greater levels of overall health, fitness, mobility and functional movement. The rising demand for personal training has been fueled by increasing awareness of the importance of healthy, active lifestyles.

Lauren started FHIT from her own experience, finding it difficult to balance work demands while on global tours performing, she had little time to keep up her workout routine at the gym. Where possible, she improvised during breaks she had and developed the FHIT concept.

Get FHIT – Lauren Hannaford

“Being time poor, where possible I continued my training, backstage in theatres, hotel rooms, and car-parks. This was all about making the best of whatever environment I was in and creating a strong dedication to health and fitness. This led to FHIT, where real fitness and strength didn’t require me to access a gym or need any equipment,” said Lauren.

With FHIT, users will have access to health and fitness advice where and when they want it! Be it at home, at work, or whilst traveling, all you need is an internet connection, and you’re set! No equipment, no gym, just a personal coach who happens to be Lauren Hannaford. Subscribers also receive special personalised messages from Lauren Hannaford, regular blog updates and personal check-in messages to keep users in check, motivated and on track!

“These workouts combine my knowledge of core gymnastics techniques, the use of interval training and my qualifications as a personal trainer.” -Lauren Hannaford

The FHIT workout video library offers three phases of training programs at various levels of intensity. The workouts range from 15 to 30 and 45-minutes, and there are also quick add-on options of 5 and 7-minute burner workouts.

Lauren Hannaford
Get FHIT – the Lauren Hannaford Way

Each FHIT phase takes users on a natural fitness journey at their own pace increasing in intensity as they progress. For those who prefer higher intensity workouts, FHIT also offers a more rigorous 30 and 45-minute option. The workouts focus on bodyweight training techniques to help members achieve their results.

To supplement the daily exercise program, Lauren has partnered with qualified nutritionists to incorporate meal plans to support a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise also has the positive effect of stimulating chemicals in the brain to improve the mood and the parts responsible for memory and learning in which Psychologist Brian Langsworth offers mindfulness advice and exercises.

Get FHIT – Lauren Hannaford Way

Lauren joins her digital clients across every interactive session to aid weight loss, boost muscle strength, improve general fitness levels, increase mental clarity and promote a healthier lifestyle without needing a gym environment or equipment.

Lauren’s energetic, informative and inspirational nature stands out from the crowd. Driven by passion, FHIT has been created for the time poor all-rounder, super mums, and dads, corporates, those who have never trained and those who train regularly.

FHIT subscription is available for only $10.95 per week which includes: A comprehensive workout video library, three intensive 6-week fitness programs, a personalised fitness test so members can gauge how much their strength and fitness has improved throughout the course of the programs, a 6 week meal plan with delicious healthy recipes, nutritional advice and mindfulness advice, and exercises.

About Lauren Hannaford

Lauren Hannaford is a former professional elite gymnast, competing and coaching at a national level for over 20 years with a burning desire to encourage, motivate and inspire people to live fit, active and healthy lives.

Following her retirement from competitive gymnastics in 2007, Lauren is now a highly sought-after Sydney based personal trainer. Today, she’s the founder and creator of the new revolutionary online training program FHIT by Lauren Hannaford. FHIT, Functional High Intensity Training features her unique style of physical workouts with a focus on strength and conditioning. Backed by her firsthand experience and knowledge of core gymnastics exercises and skills, FHIT utilises body weight and zero equipment – making workouts easy, equipment free and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Lauren is considered a leader in the Australian Fitness industry involved in many high-profile campaigns including: Women’s Health Magazine, Lorna Jane, Women’s Fitness Magazine, Woman’s Day fitness expert, Women’s Running Australia, Zova Fitness, Girlfriend Magazine, Cleo Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, 2015 finalist for the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star, Athletes Foot, Adidas and Under Armour Australia.

Are You Ready to Get FHIT – Lauren Hannaford

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