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Annalise Braakensiek’s Top Travelling Tips To Keep Your Health In Check

Annalise Braakensiek’s Top Travelling Tips To Keep Your Health In Check

Wanderlust… I think it should have been my middle name!

I’ve always had a deep ache to travel the world, to explore this beautiful planet of ours, to immerse myself in the deliciously different cultures, people, languages and, of course cuisines…

To say I love to travel is an understatement, and I’ve been lucky my job has had me jet-setting from an early age.

Annalise Braakensiek

Gratefully, I still travel frequently and thoroughly enjoy – almost – every learning experience. The only problem is I dislike flying. I also dislike the word hate… but I’m tempted to say I HATE flying. If only I could click my fingers and transport myself to my destination!

Flying, especially long-haul, really takes its toll on my body – as does jet lag. However, over the years I’ve devised a flying program to help minimise the negative effects of being air-bound. Now, I’m able to bounce off a plane, as positively and full of energy as possible.

Annalise Braakensiek 1

5 Fail-safe Inflight Health Tips:

Firstly, drink plenty of purified water – pre, during and after a flight. I take celery tablets to help reduce water retention, slather myself in moisturiser to avoid my skin feeling dehydrated, paw paw ointment for lips and cuticles, hand cream and a cashmere scarf. While on board I always take my vitamins, including extra omega 3, melatonin, (which I take for 3 days post-flight to help adjust) and use essential oils (I particularly like lavender because it’s so calming).

Flo Travel flat lay
Annalise’s must have travel items from her favourite book to Flo Travel spray

I also use water spray to regularly hydrate my face, listen to good tunes (or lessons in whatever language I’m studying) on my iPhone and always take a great book to read.

travel bag

I’ve recently discovered Flo Travel nasal spray, a preservative-free nasal moisturiser containing red seaweed that supports immunity against cold viruses and bacteria. It terrifies me to think how much bacteria is recirculated during a 24-hour journey (or, heaven forbid, longer with the layovers, airport lounges, taxis and Uber’s in-between).

Flo Travel Nasal Spray

And hello… I don’t know if it’s just me, but I seem to miraculously attract the “cough your guts up person” either next to or in close proximity, leaving me dreading the cold I’m no doubt going to get slammed with as soon as I exit the plane!

I don’t have time to land and be sick, so I’ve been trying out all sorts of methods in order to defy the plane-germ horror…

I used to smear paw paw into the inside of my nostrils as a barrier against nasties before finding Flo Travel nasal spray. It’s much less sticky (not sticky at all, in fact) and it helped prevent me from having a dry itchy nose, nor did I catch a cold to or from Bali on my last trip. Yay!

Annalise Braakensiek travel story

Therefore, in summing up, Flo Travel nasal spray is definitely my latest addition to my on flight must-have baggage list, and one I’d highly recommend to my fellow gypsy wanderlusters! I picked mine up at the local Priceline but it is also available at other chemists nationwide.

It’s also great to help reduce the length of colds even when not flying. I put it right up there with echinacea, grapeseed oil and Nanna’s magical ginger, turmeric, cayenne, garlic, lemon and Manuka honey broth.

For more information on Flo Travel nasal spray, head to their website or follow on Facebook.

The Carousel thanks Annalise Braakensiek for this article!


This is a sponsored post by Flo Travel . All opinions expressed by the author are authentic and written in their own words.

*For clinical sources, please refer to References at Always read the label. Use only as directed. Consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.


Written by Annalise Braakensiek

Best known for her work as a model, actress and television personality, Annalise Braakensiek is one of Australia’s most popular and multi-faceted celebrities.

An internationally recognised covergirl and Logie Award nominee, Sydney-based Annalise is also a keen designer, vegetarian chef and entrepreneur, whose passion for healthy living, the environment and animal rights shines through in all she does.

Scouted by a photographer on Bondi Beach at 16 years of age, Annalise has since been model and muse for some of the biggest and best-known designers, photographers and brands.

Her big break was the coveted Inside Sport Model of the Year in 1994, after which she went on to grace the magazine’s cover a record six times. Annalise’s beach-blonde looks and killer curves have also landed her on the cover of Cosmopolitan (US), Loaded (UK) and Maxim (Italy) to name a few.

She’s starred in numerous advertising campaigns for Guinness, Nivea, La Perla, Lee, Levi’s, Toyota, and more, and has featured on no less than 21 different “Sexiest Woman Alive” lists.

Modeling led to television work, with Annalise’s relaxed charisma and impeccable comedic timing winning her roles on some of Australia’s highest-rating TV shows, including Channel Seven’s Home and Away, the 20 to 1 series on the Nine Network, and Sleuth 101, a comedy from the producers of Spicks and Specks (ABC).

Her acclaimed role as “Claudia McPherson” on cult SBS comedy Pizza garnered Annalise a Logie Award nomination for Outstanding New Talent in a comedy. She helped develop her character, co-writing dialogue and contributing to storyline development. The show itself went on to be nominated for four Logie awards.

Annalise has appeared as a presenter on German MTV and Pro Sieben (she is fluent in both German and English, and can speak Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Japanese), and was co-host of UK television game show Play Your Cards Right.

Driven and optimistic, Annalise is also a creative and talented businesswoman with a commitment to designing

beautiful products that reflect her dedication to agreen lifestyle.

In August 2009, she launched her first collection of eco-friendly underwear for fuller-figured women. “Annalise” was exclusive to Bras N Things, and she designed each piece in the range with an emphasis not only on fashion, but on organic and recycled materials. Following its sell-out success, she extended the range to include sleepwear in November 2011. She then moved on to design her signature “Annalise” lingerie and sleepwear collections, which were exclusive to Big W.

In January 2016, Annalise became the Australian ambassador for Flamingo Sunglasses, a Spanish eyewear label. She is set to design her own collection of sunglasses with the brand which will be available internationally, launching in October 2016.

Annalise’s credentials as a designer also include a double major in jewellery and sculpture from the University of NSW College of Fine Arts. Annalise launched her signature jewellery collection “Annalise” in 2011, which is now available online at

In November 2008, Annalise launched Love Lunch as a catering food service. A passionate vegetarian cook, Annalise’s recipes draw on her extensive travels through Asia, Europe and the Middle East, as well as her childhood growing up on a biodynamic farm. Each week, she lovingly plans and prepares her menus, with an emphasis on organic, seasonal produce and delicious dairy- and gluten-free foods. Love Lunch continues as an online platform for Annalise’s healthy recipes on the website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Outside media and business commitments, Annalise willingly lends her time and energy to a number of cancer charities. Having lost her father to the disease, she works closely with the Starlight Foundation, Cancer Council and Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre to raise vital money and awareness.

She’s also a tireless advocate for animal rights and has lent her name to campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Human Society International (HSI), and the RSPCA.

Annalise is a prominent figure on social media, where she can be found on Facebook and Instagram sharing her ventures with her extensive international audience.


  1. Annalise has a passion for travel and staying healthy so her tips here are from a pro. Thanks for your comments Debbie.





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