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Guidelines On How To Cook The Perfect Restaurant-Grade Steak


So you love steak and you want to improve your technique. Here, Nichole Dailey, who is a Chef De Cuisine at Trager Grills, has given us a step by step guide to cooking the perfect steak.

Best of all, she has shown how to cook a steak for a rare, medium or well done serving. The trick, she says, is getting the specific internal temperatures, indicating colours and grill times right. If you follow her instructions, you too can cook a restaurant-grade steak right in your own kitchen.

So get cooking.


rare steak

Just a minimal sear on the exterior of the meat. People cook it rare because they’re embarrassed to eat it fresh out of the fridge in front of guests.

  • Internal Temperature: 49-51°C
  • Grill Time: ~2.5 minutes per side
  • Centre Colour: Red
  • Centre Temperature: Cool


Medium-rare steak

A truly seared steak. A medium-rare steak is the recommended doneness to taste the natural flavour of the meat. It’s usually how meat connoisseurs and chefs like to eat it.

  • Internal Temperature: 55-57°C
  • Grill Time: ~3.5 minutes per side
  • Centre Colour: Pink with thin brown stripes on top and bottom.
  • Centre Temperature: Room Temperature


Medium meat

Almost everyone is happy with this doneness, it’s not as bloody or as dry as the Sahara Desert.

  • Internal Temperature: 60-63°C
  • Grill Time: ~4.5 minutes per side
  • Centre Colour: Some pink
  • Centre Temperature: Lukewarm



It’s definitely cooked, still showcases the flavour of the meat.

  • Internal Temperature: 65-69°C
  • Grill Time: ~5.5 minutes per side
  • Centre Colour: Sliver of light pink
  • Centre Temperature: Warm


well done

It’s browned and cooked throughout.

  • Internal Temperature: 71°C
  • Grill Time: ~6.5 minutes per side
  • Centre Colour: Mostly brown
  • Centre Temperature: Warm throughout



This is the hockey puck of steaks – Go ahead and eat a salad if you hate steak this much.

  • Internal Temperature: 75°C
  • Grill Time: ~8-10 minutes per side
  • Centre Colour: Brown throughout
  • Centre Temperature: Hot off the grill

TIPS: How to cook the Perfect Steak

Make sure to always buy a high-quality piece of meat as it determines the texture, tenderness and most importantly the taste of your steak.

  • the thicker the steak, the easier it is to cook and the better it will taste.
  • Stop by your local butcher shop and ask for exactly what you want, i.e. a 2” thick-cut steak.

Most grocery stores stock steak that is ½” to 1” thick, thin steak cooks faster and has less flavour.

Pre-heat your grill and make sure the temperature is set to its highest temperature (200-260°C). Grilling steak can be a quick and easy process. Also, thick-cut steak has more forgiveness with cook time and tenderness.

To recap:

DonenessInternal Temperature Grill Time at 205 °C
(Mins. Per Side)
Centre Colour
Medium Rare55-57 °C3:30Pink
Medium 60-63°C4:30Some Pink
Well 65-69°C5:30Silver To Light Pink
Well Done71°C6:30Mostly Brown
What Have You Done?75 °C +8-10Brown Throughout

Why not try your newly-acquired steak-cooking knowledge on these recipes below?

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