3 Amazing Food Delivery Services To Try

3 Amazing Food Delivery Services To Try

Iantha Yu

Beauty Expert


Getting takeaway because “there’s just no time” simply isn’t an excuse anymore.

Subscribe yourself to one of these food services so you’ll be well-equipped, no matter what mood you’re in or time you get home from work.

Level: Easy

Who knew that reheated healthy food in a plastic container could taste so good!? Eat Fit Food is perfect for those that don’t want to cook at all, but want delicious and nutritious food in their bellies. Order from a menu a week ahead, for meals like chicken, coconut and pumpkin curry, falafel with quinoa tabouli or Thai vegetable laksa delivered to your door, ready to be warmed up and eaten. Highly recommended.  Try Eat Fit Food, from $125 a week

The Carousel - Live Yellow

Level: Medium

Live Yellow should be your pick if you want easy to prepare food that’s hearty, and real tasty. You’ll spot vegetable frittata with basil pesto, pulled pork with chipotle chilli beans, and North African braised beef (just to name a few) on the menu, which taste exactly like the real deal, as if a professional had prepped it for you. It’s novice-friendly too; each meal is divided into portions, which require some frying, baking or microwaving, but nothing should take you more than 20 minutes to put together. It’s not the cheapest option but portion sizes are on the larger side, so you can save some as leftovers too. Try Live Yellow, from $27.95 for 2 meals

The Carousel - Hello Fresh

Level: Hard

This service is perfect for those that love to cook up a storm, but can’t be bothered lugging groceries home after a long day of work. Pick from ‘Classic’, ‘Veggie’ and ‘Family’, where each box can contain 3-5 meals for 2-4 people (depending on what you order), and includes fresh ingredients and recipe cards for you to follow. Prep to plating up can take up to 30 minutes, but it’s totally worth it – the finished result is really delicious and impressive. Great busy couples or small families. Try HelloFresh Trial Box, from $74 a week