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Drink Your Way Around The World

Drink Your Way Around The World Part
Well, now you don’t even have to leave home to do it!
Here are some tasty non-alcoholic and authentic drink recipes that will quench your thirst – and satisfy the wanderlust.

Getting tired of your classic lemonade or ultra sweet sodas? Well, let’s be a bit more original here and focus in four traditional drinks that are very easy to do and really yum.

They give to the countries below their own identity, projecting to the others their traditions, culture, and life style.

We’ll drink to that!

How to Make Portuguese Coffee
When life gives you lemons – make Mazagran. Seriously, the Portuguese know their coffee, so trust them on this one.

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe
Even in the dead of summer, people are drinking this sweet, full bodied tea. And though the ingredients are simple, the technique takes some practice – thankfully the end result is worth it.

Bubble Tea Recipe – Taiwan
Bubble Tea (aka Boba), needs no introduction. You’ve had this amazing Taiwanese drink many times – though the thought of making it at home seems daunting. It’s not. And it tastes delicious.

Mexican Horchata Recipe
Created in Spain, many countries have their own version of Horchata. This recipe is inspired by the regional rice-based variations across Mexico.

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