What Makes A Great Pie?

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Jan 25, 2022

Ray Capaldi, co-founder of Baketico, shares his insights on what makes a truly great pie.

It’s a well-known dietary addition across Australia – the humble pie. Most households across our beautiful country will happily tuck into a family pie, or of course consider the amount of sporting games, work pit-stop lunches, or food-on-the-run occasions that all revolve around the pie! Whether enjoyed in summer or winter, or flavoured with meat or something more adventurous, like vegetable and lentil, most people are guaranteed to have a preference!

The question is: What makes a really great pie?

To help us get to the bottom of this, we thought it only natural to pick the brains of the pie-master himself, renowned Scottish-born chef Ray Capaldi who has swapped his haute-cuisine for good old comfort food creations.

Here are his top-tips on what makes for the perfect pie so that when you’re next choosing one (or making one yourself) you can consider these important pointers:

Pastry is everything.

There’s no doubt baked goods are moreish – they always have us coming back for more! What you don’t want to think about when you’re enjoying your favourite pie is the lethargic feeling after consuming it. To help alleviate this, Capaldi suggests utilising two different pastries: a shortcrust and a puff pastry. These two layers leave you feeling satisfied but not bloated – talk about tricks of the trade!

Less is more.

You know that saying: Less is more? Well, in the pie world, this is certainly the case! Sure, it’s important to ensure your pies are flavoursome and have enough filling, but it’s crucial to not overfill them. There’s nothing worse than a soggy pie, and you should be able to manage it with one hand.

It’s all about ratio. According to Capaldi, filling-to-pastry ratio makes the best pie. It’s important that the pastry provides the structure which is why the short crust base ensures it won’t collapse and the puff pastry top provides the treat! The filling should be chunky to ensure you aren’t left with a soupy pie and fill it to the top but not over to ensure the lid seals, making the pie a portable feast as Capaldi believes you should be able to ride a bike, whilst eating a pie!

Baketico pies from @Baketico Instagram

Mix it up.

You heard it here first: Meat is out, and plant-based varieties are in! Capaldi suggests experimenting with your pie fillings and have some fun! We have access to many meat alternatives these days, including tofu, lentils, and seitan; you can even make ‘pulled pork’ from jackfruit! So, the next time you reach for the traditional meat pie, consider trying something a little.

Ray Capaldi is co-founder of Baketico: the home of Wonder Pies, a brand that’s becoming synonymous with the best of the best when it comes to baked deliciousness!


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