Kamalaya’s Gluten-Free Mung Bean Risotto Recipe With Teresa Cutter

Teresa Cutter's Gluten-Free Mung Bean Risotto Recipe
Teresa Cutter

The Healthy Chef

Jun 03, 2023

This is one of the most popular recipes from the Kamalaya Detox Menu. It’s one of my favourites to eat, and the reason why it’s on the menu is because it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan as well. Which is really important when you’re on a detox.

Kamalaya's Famous Mung Bean Risotto Recipe
Kamalaya’s Famous Mung Bean Risotto Recipe

So I’m going to braise some onions or shallots, with a bit of garlic. I heat this up, with a bit of vegetable stock, to add flavours and aromatics.

As soon as it starts to boil, I’ll add some carrots, raw pumpkin and just a bit more stock as well.

Now, the key ingredients to this risotto are mung beans. To cook mung beans, you need to soak them overnight before you cook them. And they take about one hour to cook the next day.

So drain your mung beans and slightly overcook them so that they’re just a little bit soft. This protects the proteins as well.

I’ll mix that through and add a bit of coconut milk in it, just to make it beautiful, lovely and creamy.

I’ll add asparagus and long beans, but you can basically use whatever vegetable you have in the fridge, like zucchini for instance.

I’m going to steam all this about 5 or 10 minutes, just until the vegetables start soften and cook. And the mixture will thicken up too.

So it’s been around 5 minutes now, the vegetables have cooked through. You don’t want it too thick but just a little bit of give as well.

So lastly, I will season with salt and pepper, put some parsley as well, and also some chives. If you want to put some salsa verde or olive oil at the very end, you can.

Last but not least, what gives a really beautiful flavour is what risotto is known for: a little bit of truffle oil. Now I’m mixing it through.

Here I’m going to add some sunflowers sprouts, sunflowers seeds and a little bit of parsley. And there you have it, a mung bean risotto.

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By Teresa Cutter

The Healthy Chef

Teresa is a classically trained chef, nutritionist, accredited fitness trainer and award-winning cookbook author. As the founding director of The Healthy Chef, a company dedicated to improving individuals' health, Teresa specialises in designing nutritional supplements, such as marine collagen, proteins, superfoods, magnesium, functional beverages and healthy cookbooks.



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