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New Mum Kyly Clarke Shares Beauty And Fitness Secrets

New Mum Kyly Clarke Shares Beauty And Fitness Secrets1

The author of True to You – a collection of inspiring mantras, quotes and wisdom to enhance our mind, body and spirit – says combining motherhood with her booming career has forced her to take the juggling act to new heights.

“I’ve always been someone who wants to do a lot of things and be a go-getter, it’s all about hard work and being very regimented,” says Kyly, 34.

New Mum Kyly Clarke Shares Beauty And Fitness Secrets3

“I feel like what people see and what is actually happening are two different things… it’s not like I am in a bikini and not like I would choose to be in one, but of course in my house that is fine.

“I trained super hard when I was allowed to start training because I wasn’t allowed to at the end of the pregnancy and had to wait six weeks afterwards.

“I have been waking up at 5.45am in the mornings and in all honesty sometimes I think ‘wow, how much harder to I have to train to actually get exactly back to what I was’.”

Just four-and-a-half months after Kelsey Lee’s arrival, Kyly also tells the Daily Mail that she doesn’t feel as though she has her fitness back to where she’d like it, even though to “everyone else it appears that way”.

“I am talking about muscle tone and everything that I had. Sometimes I am doing like two sessions a day but I am really regimented. I make sure that I eat healthy, eat clean and have done all the right things for Kelsey Lee and myself,” she says.

Kyly says one of her favourite workouts is a 30-minute cardio routine in which she alternates between one minute at an easy/hard pace.

She says luckily Kelsey Lee is a content baby and enables mum to work around her timeline.

“Thankfully she’s a pretty good girl, because it would be very difficult if she was more unsettled,” she adds.

“I’m on her timeline. Even though people might think it’s the other way around, I work around when she wakes up and feeds.”

In terms of her glowing complexion, Kyly swears by a very natural “less is more” approach to beauty and nutrition.

New Mum Kyly Clarke Shares Beauty And Fitness Secrets6

“You’re skin has a natural pH balance and sure, I understand some people are more oily or dry, but it’s about getting the right level balance for you,” she tells the Daily Mail.

“Sometimes I think we can over-use products to try and help us naturally gain what we need… when I think a nice, clean, simple easy wash of the face without products can go very far.

“I like to wash my face at night and put a light moisturiser on. Nothing too fancy,” adds Kyly, who prefers to do her own facials rather than pay someone else.

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