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Exclusive: Jesinta Campbell Reveals Beauty, Diet And Fitness Secrets

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To celebrate the new partnership, I recently caught up with the ever glam Jesinta over a gin-spiked tipple and warm chicken ballotine at The Butler in Sydney’s East.

We snuck around the corner by the open fire, and over the crackling wood and chuckles, I gleaned a rare glimpse into her life.

From her daily skincare to-do list, some unique beauty tricks, and how she boxes her way to abs of steel (literally, have you seen that stomach?), she tells us exactly what it takes to be Jesinta Campbell.

jesinta campbell olay
Jesinta at the Olay Launch in Sydney.

“I didn’t wear makeup till I was 18 because I was a tomboy! 

But my mum first introduced me to skincare and a beauty regime. When I started wearing it, she always made me take off my makeup before I went to bed, that was her number one thing, because she slept in it when she was a teenager and she thinks that it ruined her skin. So she always said to us, “never, ever, ever sleep in your makeup!”. Mum was always really conscious of her skin, she always moisturised, so I think that was passed on to me.

Sometimes I cleanse in the morning, sometimes I don’t…

It depends if I have a little bit of makeup left on from the night before. Sometimes it might just be some warm water on my face, but I always use a day moisturiser with a little bit of SPF in it because I’m often outside shooting so I need to make sure my skin’s protected.

I usually remove my makeup with coconut oil. 

Sometimes I get really sensitive eyes, and often it’s the product in the makeup remover. I just put it on a pad, close my eyes, it emulsifies the makeup and wipes it all straight off. I also get my cotton buds and dip them in the coconut oil if there’s anything remaining – for the panda eyes!

At night, I always double cleanse.

That is something I always do. I use a foaming cleanser to begin with, and then a cream cleanser afterwards. I feel it’s a double hit and really gets in there. Then I use a night cream. I tone maybe three times a week, I don’t tone every night because I find in winter it drys it and I feel a little bit tight, but in summer I do it every night because I get a little oiler. I moisturise once…

I have a day cream and a night cream – I always do the two.

I think that’s really important because night cream is much more hydrating and your skin can take a little bit more in as you’re laying there, it can really soak it all up.

The other thing I love to do in winter once I’ve cleansed is…

get a really warm, flannel cloth, and just laying it on my face. It’s like a mini steam treatment if I can’t get a facial. Make sure it’s not too hot though! And it just clears you out and really opens everything up.

When I travel I only wear a night cream.

Especially for long-haul flights. I buy the little sample pots from the chemist, because often you can’t travel with the whole thing, and I fill them with night cream. I put it on almost as a mask, and you can still see it on, and I scare all the passengers! But I just lay there and let it soak in. When I started doing that I used to hate it, I hated that feeling of it being so sticky and thick, but then when you get off the plane you feel so much more plump, instead of dry and wrinkly.

Breakfast stays the same for me in winter and summer.

Maybe sometimes in summer I don’t feel like such a heavy breakfast, so I’ll have a green smoothie. In winter though, I do my two poached eggs with avocado, asparagus and spinach. Lunch is usually on set, so nice salads or a soup.

I do a lot of soups in winter. 

I love soup for lunch or dinner, if I don’t feel like something too heavy. I love a good chicken and vegetable soup, and I usually make it at the end of the week, because I don’t like to waste all my good veggies, and I chuck everything in the pot that’s left over. I then freeze it or keep it for the next day.

For dinner, I’m really into slow-roasting at the moment.

I actually do it in the oven, and put it on for about five hours, really low. I always use a bio-dynamic meat, and put in all my veggies half way through, and it cooks and it’s so delicious! It’s amazing for the next day too – the recipe is in my book!

I’ve just started training twice a day.

I’m boxing a lot, with Zach and Siannon from Transpose Fitness, and I run. I’ve actually got a group of people I do it with, my girlfriend Josie and her partner Ryan, so we’ve got a group of us that all train together. It definitely motivates me training with others.

I think if people are finding it hard in winter to work out…

Do it with a group of friends, because it keeps it fun and you motivate each other. You should also commit to classes and pay for them up front, so there’s more incentive to go because you lose your money.

I’m a Leo, so I’m extremely competitive! 

If I go running at the gym, I always choose the treadmill that’s next to someone who’s running and try and beat them!”

jesinta and chrisanthi
Jesinta and Chrisanthi take a selfie at the Olay Launch.

Written by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

With her lyrical turn of phrase and penchant for uber-glamour, Chrisanthi Kaliviotis is in her element writing about beauty for The Carousel, while weaving in fun fashion and pop culture references. She also loves a road test, so we send many of the new hair tools that arrive her way (she actually knows how to use them). Have you seen that hair?

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