Which Oscars Hairstyle Suits Your Face?

Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

Mar 11, 2024

As the founder of Tangled Hair Studio and a Revlon Professional hair stylist, Rose Cain knows a thing or two about tresses. We caught up with the locks-lover, who shared her insights on the best Oscars hairstyles from The Oscars. And how to achieve them. 

Zendaya’s old money bob

Best Oscars Hairstyles 2024 Zendaya

Rose describes this hairstyle as a sumptuous blend of thick textures and clean cuts, paired with a voluminous blow-dry finish for a touch of soft elegance. According to her, the versatility of this bob makes it a universal choice, adaptable to anyone seeking a refined yet understated look.

Rose’s pro tip is to ask your stylist for “a length that suits your face and proportions,” she adds that it should be “between the collar bone and jaw and styled with either a side parting or a middle parting”. Additionally, she recommends adjusting the length based on face shape, suggesting longer styles for wider faces and shorter ones for slimmer profiles.

Emily Blunt’s beautiful bun

Best Oscars Hairstyles 2024 Emily Blunt

According to Rose, the bun hairstyle is universally flattering. But she emphasises its super suitability for heart-shaped faces, recommending it for their next special occasion. “Placing the bun centrally on the head, helps to harmonise the proportions of a heart-shaped face, which typically features a broad forehead and a defined chin.”

When advising on other face shapes, Rose says “to help elongate a round face choose a low bun,” and adds, “for square-faced women opt for a bun with face framing tendrils as this will help to soften a strong jaw.

Margot Robbie’s tousled tresses

Best Oscars Hairstyles 2024 Margot Robbie

While the bae behind Barbie would literally still look beautiful in a burlap sack, Rose loved her long, effortless waves, insisting they hold significant potential when executed with precision. Universally flattering and perpetually stylish, she advocates for investing in quality volumising products to achieve optimal results. “By employing a styling wand to add texture to the hair and finishing with a spritz of texturising spray, one can easily achieve the tousled, slightly disheveled appearance characteristic of this style.”

According to Rose, the tousled wave is the ideal accompaniment to a stunning dress, such as Margot’s, as it strikes the perfect balance of drama and elegance.

To achieve the look Rose recommends the Revlon Professional Style Masters Memory Spray for texture and the Revlon Professional Style Masters Glamourama for extra shine. 

Hailee Steinfeld’s sleek hair part

Best Oscars Hairstyles 2024 Haille Steinfeld

Rose noticed that sleek hair parts were in full force during the Oscars. And revealed that the first step to achieving the look is to determine the best hair part to attempt for your face shape. 

“Round faces should opt for a diagonal part. Square faces a side part with bangs, which adds softness to complement the face’s sharp angles. Diamond face work best with middle part, which can help frame the face and visually broaden the appearance of the forehead while for heart faces, a deep side part will help break up the chin line and soften the face”, says Rose.  “An oval face, like Hailee’s can pull off almost every part,” says Rose says. “However, a deep side part can pull special attention to the face’s best features”. 

To style this look, Rose says to spritz a medium-hold hairspray on stands and comb back using a thick bristle brush into your desired hairstyle, whether that is a ponytail or bun. Once secured, apply a generous spray of a high-hold hairspray to ensure flyaways are at bay. 

America Ferrara’s Undone Waves

Best Oscars Hairstyles 2024 America Ferrara

The trick to achieving America Ferrara’s effortlessly chic bob, is to prioritise hair health by using a top-tier moisturising shampoo and conditioner. To add volume and depth without weighing down the hair, she recommends spritzing a volumising spray onto the roots in one-inch sections.

Starting the styling process by blow-drying from the nape of the neck in small sections helps maintain the bob’s sleekness near the neck and prevents unwanted puffiness. Next, employing a flat iron from the ear upward in horizontal motions creates subtle bends in the hair, crucial for avoiding a rounded silhouette.

To complete the look, Rose suggests finishing with a wave spray to enhance texture and impart soft waves that remain smooth and non-sticky. A touch of hair oil adds both strength and shine, ensuring a polished final result.


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

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