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Feb 28, 2023 is a new editorial and e-commerce site dedicated to celebrating the best of Australian beauty. All products are Australian owned and operated, the platform selects and champions beauty products that incorporate quality ingredients including native Australian plants that provide tangible results.

Some of the beauty brands currently stocked include ASAP Skincare, Vida Glow, The Beauty Chef, Slip, Vida Glow, Inika Organics, Cinch Skin, Eye of Horus, Vanessa Megan, The Kind Sunscreen, Salt by Hendrix, Ere Perez, Lumira, Hunter Lab and Who is Elijah.

The platform features articles, interviews, and Australian beauty products that consumers can purchase directly from the e-store. Every brand and product included on the site has been through a rigorous testing process to ensure it delivers on its product promises.

Born in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, a-beauty is the brainchild of Founder and Creative Director, Jamee Parker, who identified a niche in the market for an online destination for the promotion of the best of the best of Australian beauty products.

Founder and Creative Director of a-beauty, Jamee Parker

Celebrating the best of Australian beauty

“We only support authentic all-Australian products, and we are proud to partner with 40+ beauty brands,” says Jamee. “We are committed to changing the perception of what ‘Australian made’ looks like in the beauty space, and there is a genuine hunger to support our homegrown brands.

“The term ‘Australian Made’ has always been a badge of honour, but it hasn’t necessarily coincided with a stamp of luxury in the past, but the Australian beauty industry has come a long way. The quality of homegrown beauty brands coming out of Australia are now second to none and a-beauty is flourishing with brands that put premium ingredients, hardworking formulas and luxurious experiences at the heart of their ranges.

“The Australian beauty scene favours natural beauty in every sense of the word – pure natural ingredients, au naturel looks and the embracing of the best version of ourselves.”

The name a-beauty was inspired by the term ‘k-beauty,’ aka Korean beauty – a country known for its dedication to impeccable beauty standards.

“I wanted to create something akin to that for Australia and to celebrate our amazing beauty brands that may not have otherwise received the international recognition that they rightly deserve,” she adds.

The a-beauty site has Aussie skincare, haircare and makeup brands

Shop Australia’s premium beauty brands in one place

For more information on a-beauty, the world’s go-to curation of Australian beauty, visit 

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By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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