Do You Need to be an Expert to Apply Fake Eyelashes (Spoiler Alert: No!)

Farah Dhuka has all natural eyelashes and that's from taking good care of them Do you need to be an expert to apply fake eyelashes at home
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Mar 08, 2024

Are you someone who has always admired the fluttery allure of false eyelashes but hesitated to try them at home for fear of botching the application? Fear not! Expertise might not be a prerequisite for mastering this beauty trend. To unravel the secrets behind perfect false lash application, Professional Makeup Artist, content creator (with 161 000 Instagram followers) and Ardell ANZ Brand Ambassador Maria Yousif spills her secrets on a successful false eyelash application. And demystifies the process for applying fake eyelashes at home, like an expert. Mascara optional!

How to apply fake eye lashes at home
She may be a professional makeup artist, but Ardell ambassador Maria Yousif says you don’t need to be an expert to apply fake eye lashes at home

Avoiding sticking situations …

According to Maria, the first secret to a flawless false lash application lies in a few key components. Namely using a minimal amount of glue and ensuring you wait until the it becomes tacky. “Precision matters too,” says Maria. “Always measure the lashes to the width of your eye area to ensure sizing is correct and take your time with it,” she adds.

As for determining the right false eyelash style and length for their eye shape, according to Maria, the shape of the lashes tells you exactly what effect they will have on your eye shape. “For example, the Ardell Extension FX B Curl Lashes are made to open the eyes. On the other hand Demi Wispies give a slight cat eye. And the Naked Lashes 421 lashes will give the eye shape a more ‘open eye’ look as the lashes are slightly longer in the center and wispy and short in the inner and outer corners.”

Tools of the trade

For easy at-home eye lash application, Maria recommends having essential tools at hand. Namely tweezers, small brow scissors, and a lash curler.

“My recommended step-by-step process for applying lashes at home would be toeEnsure the area is clean. Then start off with mascara and then apply the lashes,” says Maria. “I also ensure I have all the tools and lashes ready out of the pack and ensure you have measured the lashes to fit your natural lash line, so there is no mucking around once you get started on the application.”

Fake it will you make it!

Finally, Maria highlights common pitfalls, such as excessive glue usage, improper sizing, and overloading false lashes with mascara. To avoid these, she advises using a minimal amount of glue, measuring lash width beforehand, and refraining from excess mascara application. “Patience is key; take your time and practice for perfection,” she says.

“The journey to mastering false eyelash application might not require expertise but rather patience, practice, and the right guidance”


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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