Mascara – Five Formulas Your Lashes Will Love!

Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Jul 03, 2023

Mascara is pretty much a must-have in any make-up case. Whether you’ve got a full face of glam maquillage, or a coat of mascara and a lick of redlines, it’s the essential step in your beauty routine to add definition to your eyes and create a knockout look.

Here, eight of our must have mascaras for any time to year!

Adderton Mineral Mascara

Created by make-up artist Stephen Adderton, otherwise known as the “Francois Nars of Australia’, this long-wearing, easy-to-apply formula is a gal’s best friend.

It has a jet black, intense volume and curling formula that’s enriched with vitamins A, C and E. Clump-free and water resistant, its handy brush, with well spaced bristles, make it simply to apply to even the palest, finest lashes (like mine) and make them come alive, with just one coat.

For someone who has always required up to five coats to get anything dramatic in the lash area, this beauty is the Holy Grail of Mascara. I also usually prefer hair bristled mascara brushes over the rubber or plastic Ines, but this is by far the best brush I’ve ever used. Ever. In my whole 30 years as a beauty editor. Just add lipstick.

Adderton Mineral Make-up Is The Holy Grail Of Mascara

Lancome Hypnose

This is my second fave, alongside Adderton’s Mineral Mascara. It’s simply to apply and I adore that the tapered brush allows me to get into those teensy, blonde inner eye lashes and really give them mega-wow! It doesn’t clump or smudge, it volumes and separates lashes and it drenches them with much-needed moisture.

This long-wearing formula applies with a unique brush that allows you to fully coat even those annoying fine, pale lashes I the inner corder of your eyes

Arbonne Speaks Volumes Mascara

This vegan, vitamin-infused mascara can be used for a natural look, or layered for a bold, dramatic statement. In one or two gentle swipes over your lashes, it enhances volume, length, curl and separation. Its smudge-resistant, lightweight formula stays in place comfortably all day and is a breeze to remove, without rubbing or tugging. Its tapered brush catches every lash to coat and create buildable impact.


Amy Jean Lash Elevate Mascara
This is another one of my all-time favourite lash enhancers. It is perfectly suited to showcasing lifted natural lashes and it can even be used individual lash extensions. The applicator is tailored to spin through the lashes to create separation and clumping. My tiny, so-blone-they’re-almost-invisible lower lashes love this formula. It coats them perfectly, adding definition, volume and length, thanks to richly pigmented gloss neon fibres.

Amy Jean Lash Elevate
Clarins Wonderproof 4D Mascara

Think: Waterproof volume, length, curve and definition in a few simple sweeps. . Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D contains rose wax to protect and enhance lashes as it delivers volume, length, knockout curves and high definition. The superhero of mascara, this is available in one shade Perfect Black, which suits all eye colours and skin and hair hues.

Clarins Wonderperfect Mascara


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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