8 Simple Ways To Help The Signs Of Ageing

8 Simple Ways To Help The Signs Of Ageing
Matty Samaei

Beauty Expert

Mar 27, 2015

1. Change your diet 

Even if you have lived a life of indulgence and bad eating you can begin to reverse the signs of ageing almost immediately by making the change over to a diet filled with nutrient-rich, wholesome, fresh food low in sugar and saturated fats.

2. Sleep

If you are sleep-deprived, it will show. The quickest way to slow down the process of ageing is to get the appropriate amount of Zzzz’s which is between 7- 9 hours every night. Your body needs down time to repair cells and rest your hearts. And your mind needs the rest too to stay sane.

3. Stop smoking

If you stop smoking today the anti-ageing impact will be almost immediate – less lines on your face and brighter skin due to the cessation of daily exposure to chemicals. Some studies have shown nine months after the cessation of smoking the average reduction of the biological age of patient’s skin is 13 years.

4. Don’t stress

The moment you say goodbye to stress in your life the weight will fall off your shoulders and it will show in your face and smile and the general way you carry yourself in life. So do whatever you can to reduce the amount of stress in your life – some ideas include meditation, yoga, exercise, deep relaxation, taking a nap or even just enjoying a funny movie…

5. Take your supplements 

Most of us suffer from overconsumption malnutrition without even being aware of it – consuming too many of the wrong foods. Our recommendation is to take additional vitamin and mineral supplements every day to ensure that all your needs are being met.

 6. Indulge in anti-wrinkle injections and fillers

This is simply the quickest way to erase fine lines from your face and help contour, create volume, fill lines and hydrate the skin. The results are amazing and will make you look younger almost instantly!

7. Have regular microdermabrasions 

Microdermabrasions are another great way to prevent ageing. This quick and inexpensive treatment is effective at reducing fine lines, sun damage, age spots, pigmentation and acne scars as it stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen networking in the deeper layers of the skin. Taking approximately 30 minutes, it is often referred to as the “lunch time face lift.” For best results monthly microdermabrasions are recommended.

8. Get rid of destructive habits

We have already mentioned eliminating smoking but it’s also wise to drink only in moderation and refrain from any drug use or negative habits such as over-eating. Pretty obvious we know but yet another simple to help reverse the signs of ageing.

Embrace the above tips and pretty soon you will be feeling younger and healthier than ever…

What are some of your tips to help the signs of ageing? Tell us below…


By Matty Samaei

Beauty Expert

Matty Samaei is a practitioner in the non-surgical cosmetic field. With a career spanning in excess of 20 plus years, it is conservatively estimated that she has performed tens of thousands of injectable procedures.



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