Australian Brand Sukin’s New Hydration Skincare Range Road-tested

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Angela Bunt

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 15, 2020

Here, Angela Bunt road tests the Aussie skin care brand Sukin’s latest products.

I had seen Australian brand, Sukin, in a couple of stores in London but had never purchased them. I knew they were well-known for their products having a long list of NO synthetic chemicals, NO harm to animals and carbon footprint-free. They contain only natural ingredients with only a hint of natural fragrance. 

Sukin recently launched a new skincare Hydration range comprising five products designed to rehydrate dry and flaky skin for up to 72 hours after use:

  • Biomarine Facial Serum
  • Rehydrating Gel Cream
  • Hydrafusion Night Cream
  • Hydra Eye Gel
  • Deeply Hydrating Biodegradable Sheet Mask

These five products contain a bio-marine blend of maize complex which helps skin stay hydrated for longer, hyaluronic acid to leave skin looking plump and sea algae which is full of antioxidants to protect the skin’s barrier.

I chose to trial the Biomarine Facial Serum and the Rehydrating Gel Cream.  Both products are for my skin type – dehydrated skin – so I expected them to be oily or greasy products. I was initially sceptical about the gel-like consistency of these products, having always used a facial oil followed by a facial cream moisturiser. However, I was astonished to find that these gels work as effectively as facial oils and moisturisers. After only a few days my skin felt rehydrated, had a lovely glow and seemed to look younger!  I have continued to use them every day as I’m rather partial to the youthful glow!


By Angela Bunt

Lifestyle Writer

Angela Bunt is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel. She is also a Sydney-based interior decorator. Angela is a colour specialist and provides colour and styling workshops and full interior decorating and home styling services. Her website is



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