Susanne Latimore

Susanne Latimore is an experienced journalist and television anchor, and was part of the team that launched Sky News in Australia. Susanne’s son Manning, was diagnosed with cancer when he was 10, and underwent treatment included chemotherapy and surgery. The family’s first contact with Redkite was the Red Bag, which Susanne describes as a “warm hug”, full of essentials like a thermometer, a diary and a toothbrush, parking and meal vouchers and a teddy bear she could give her 5 year old daughter Lauren. Susanne and her family have just celebrated an important milestone, as Manning has been cancer free for a year. He is thriving at school and has signed up for soccer. Their journey continues, as Manning will have ongoing scans for five years and may need corrective surgeries as he grows. Susanne is now a treasured Redkite Ambassador, sharing her family’s story with courage and candour.

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