Zoom Fashion Trends: How To Dress To Impress…From The Waist Up

Danielle Johansen

Fashion Writer

Aug 17, 2021

During this period of another lockdown, we are back to working from home. That means Zoom meetings are back in the spotlight and showing up in your active wear for yet another Zoom call is so 2020. What you wear (at least from the waist up) in a video conference is a chance to tell the people on the call who you are before you even say a word.

I want to share with you my top tips on zoom fashion trends and what to wear, what to avoid, and more.

Zoom Fashion Trends: How To Dress To Impress…From The Waist Up

Dress bright! This may not be your normal style, but hey this is not normal times. Think of your favourite news anchor on the desk, they always wear something bright to ensure they are the focus. This is also a great way to brighten your mood and others, think about how you feel when you see the colour yellow, it is warm, happy, loving, you could give off that vibe just by wearing a yellow top.

bright fashion

Just add a jacket. Maybe you can’t bear to wear anything but a plain tee. Show the other caller you respect yourself and them enough to put some effort in – by adding a jacket over the top of your tee for the call. You can take it off again once the call is over, I promise.

jacket and blazer

Experiment. This is the perfect time to try new styles you may not have had the courage to try before – a balloon sleeve, a bold new colour of print, a statement earring. The great thing about introducing new looks while working from home is you are introducing it in a safe environment – your home. 

Playful fashion

Avoid tops that are too-high, or too-low in the neckline. With necklines that are too high you can sometimes just look like a floating head. However, too low and they draw the attention away from your face and what you are saying. Think of goldilocks, something that sits right in the middle is just right!

fashion style tops

Real pants please. I know you want to be comfortable, but think about it were your pants really that uncomfortable when you were working from the office 5 days a week? The reason this is important is that if you have to get up during a call to grab a file or comfort a screaming kid refusing to do their schoolwork, you don’t want to show off your PJ bottoms with the coffee stain to your boss.

Pants styling

Don’t forget to style your hair and use a bold shade of lipstick to finish off your chic work-from-home look. 

Not sure where to start?…get help! Services like Threadicated offer an online end to end personal styling experience delivered to your door. They can help you shake up your look without having to leave home.


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By Danielle Johansen

Fashion Writer

Fashion advocate Danielle Johansen, founded Threadicated, an online personal styling service that uses the expertise of a personal stylist, combined with technology to create a truly personalised styling experience.



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