Vivid: Cupcakes In a Heated Marquee At The Royal Botanic Gardens

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Jun 10, 2018

Until 16 June, you can visit the 20 installations at Vivid Sydney 2018 peppered throughout the Royal Botanic Gardens with one of the more intriguing ones being Australia’s first Cupcake ATM.

This cotton-candy pink striped ATM is taking all our money and in return, it’s satisfying our sugar cravings with magical melt-in-your-mouth galaxy themed cupcakes.

You can even pick from two delicious vegan friendly flavours, red velvet or choc banana courtesy of Sparkle Cupcakery. We aren’t saying what our flavour is, you’ll have to try them both and we can compare notes afterwards.

Vivid Sydney Installations
Vivid Sydney Installations

The colourful assortment of yummy offerings doesn’t stop there, follow the glow and you will find lightbulb cocktails. The Melopepo is a blend of melon and peach liqueur combined with vodka and fresh lime poured over a citrus jelly base. Or relax by the lights in a heated marquee with a Gin Rubus, a raspberry liqueur, orgeat and London Dry cocktail over a port wine jelly base.

Along the illuminated pathways of the Garden, there are two food and beverage hubs, one near the magnificent Aqueous and the other by Oasis. For those looking to grab n’ go try the nachos or hot dogs – both of which have deliciously irresistible vegetarian options. Best of all, they taste like the real deal but they are truly vegetarian and yes that’s Quorn in the nachos. Yum.

Enjoy Vivid Sydney 2018
Enjoy Vivid Sydney 2018

There is ample seating for those looking to take a break and a viewing platform near Farm Cove so you can marvel at the lights from above.

Entrance into the Garden is via the Queen Elizabeth II Gates near the Sydney Opera House Forecourt.

To see the full list of installations:

Download the Vivid Sydney app available in the App Store or Google Play


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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