The Powerful Detox Drink That Everyone Is Sipping On Right Now

chlorophyll is a powerful antioxidant
James Graham


Oct 11, 2022

It’s been the unsung hero of the superfood world until now but chlorophyll is finally muscling its way into the mainstream spotlight and this powerful detox drink is a great kickstart to your day.

No longer reserved for the quietest corners of health-food stores, chlorophyll-infused waters and tonics are popping up in ultra-cool restaurants, cocktail bars, beauty shops, and beyond, reports Well+Good.

So why is everyone finally falling under its spell?

For one thing, this green elixir, which gives plants their green hue and helps them turn light into energy, is a potent antioxidant with seriously powerful detoxifying properties.

“Chlorophyll binds to harmful procarcinogen chemicals—toxins that turn into [cancer-promoting] carcinogens when metabolized—and inhibits them from being absorbed into the intestines,” says Carly Brawner, holistic nutritionist and health coach at Frolic and Flow.

“Some of the most important procarcinogens that chlorophyll binds to are aflatoxin-B1, which is a mould found on many grains, nuts, and beans, and heterocyclic amine toxins caused by meat cooked at high temperatures.”

As if that weren’t enough, it’s also been studied for the treatment of wounds and colon cancer.

The other bonus is that in its liquid form, chlorophyll can be added to pretty much any beverage.

“Chlorophyll doesn’t taste like much when mixed with other flavours, and it’s a beautiful shade of emerald green,” Carly notes.

Every time you eat a green veggie, you’re getting a little hit of chlorophyll without even trying.

The richest sources of chlorophyll are spinach, parsley, watercress, and chlorella algae,” says Carly.

“It’s best absorbed in the body when eaten with some fat, and is most abundant in fresh, raw veggies.”

Karen Pride, co-owner of healthy-cool cafe Harlow in Portland, Oregon, tells Well+Good that the effect is similar to downing a green juice—but at about half the price.

“I find [chlorophyll drinks] to be super energising, detoxifying, and clarifying,” she says. “They’re a good hangover cure, too.”

The cheapest and easiest way to get your fix is to buy a bottle of liquid chlorophyll and make your own drink at home, says Carly.

“I mix together a glass of filtered water, a juicy squeeze of lemon, and a few drops of chlorophyll,” she says.

Karen prefers her chlorophyll detox water with fresh mint leaves and cucumber.


By James Graham


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