The A-Z Of Hipster Baby Names

Bianca Spendlove

Lifestyle Writer

Aug 23, 2021

We’ve compiled together a few of our favourites along with their meanings from the book Hipster Baby Names – 322 Really, Really Ridiculously Good Names For Your Kid by Tobias Anthony.

With these trendy Hipster baby names your child will be guaranteed to browse artisan markets, distill their own whiskey, and cultivate their own crops in their converted warehouse flat, whilst looking chic in their op shop clothes (obviously). So get your iced matcha green tea at the ready, pop your horn-rimmed spectacles on and let us begin.

A is for Atticus

Atticus Finch from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mocking Bird, a heroic and memorable character battling against racism way back then.

B is for Brienne

A Celtic name meaning ‘high, noble, exalted’. However, it’s also the name of a kick-ass character in Game Of Thrones. All hail Brienne Of Tarth! Let your daughter channel her inner warrior.

C is for Chia

Let’s face it it’s a big food trend adored by many a hipster therefore why not make it a trendy baby name too. They will sounds delicious and nutrious.

D is for Dali

Everybody knows who drew those melted clocks so why not show off your cultural knowledge by naming your kid after Salvador himself.

Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali

E is for Esmerelda

She plays a tambourine whilst dancing fluidly with her pet goat and pulls of gypsy chic like no one else. She’s friends with our favourite bell-ringer in Notre Dame and Esmerelda is Greek for Emerald, the prettiest of gems.

F is for Felix

Felix? Maybe a cat is the first thing that comes to mind but aren’t cats cool? I mean there are even Cat Cafe’s in the world, don’t you know.

G is for Godric

Godric Gryffindor the founder of the Gryffindor house in Harry Potter?…Enough said.

H is for Hazel

“Get over that image you have of your arthritic great-aunt slopping gravy on her mashed taters…Hazel is modern now. She’s the protagonist of smash-hit book (and film) The Fault In our Stars.”

I is for Indiana

Non-gender specific. However it may encourage your child to dress like a badass archeologist and run around the house with a hat and whip.

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones

J is for Jovi

A gender neutral name and also a nostalgic name for the times you used to scream Livin’ On A Prayer out at karaoke.

K is for Kingston

“A name fit for a King. Gwen Stefani chose this one for her own little lord all the way back in 2006”. But then again Gwen was always ahead of the times and is a timeless trendsetter.

L is for Lana

“Resurrected recently by Lana Del Ray, who represents everything retro, glamorous, kitsch and flash-in-the-pan about hipsterdom.”

M is for Minnie

“She’s going to grow up to drink gin in the sunshine and, to be honest, this might just be how it all ends for Minnie.” Also everyone knows who Minnie mouse is and it’s totally acceptable to wear Minnie the Mouse prints now as an adult so why not name your child after the Disney character.

N is for North

Kim and Kanye did it so it must be cool right?

O is for Oscar

You studied dramatic arts and were heavily involved in all your school’s theatre productions, you appeared as a inanimate object in the background once or twice but hey it’s all part of the process darling. You probably told everyone that you are an actor but you haven’t worked since you graduated, you work in Starbucks just to keep things ticking over and your agent never returns your calls except to tell you that you’ve got a casting for the latest hair-loss advert. That book of Oscar Wilde’s complete works sit proudly in your bookshelf though.

P is for Pandora

People said don’t open Pandora’s box, but did they listen? We all succumb to temptation when curiosity gets the better of us. We’re only human. So do you want to name your daughter after a mythological evil temptress? Maybe…it could be ironic (fingers crossed).

Q is for Quince

Any accompaniment to cheese is going to be a hit.

R is for Rebel

Sure, “shouting this one out loud might be a tad embarrassing” but do you know who made it cool…Rebel Wilson, that’s who. One of the funniest Australian comedians around who stole our hearts in Pitch Perfect, Rebel is a trail blazer and your daughter is sure to be one too.

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

S is for Salinger

You’re obviously so well read, but aren’t we all because it was a mandatory part of our school curriculum.

T is for Tallulah

“Tallulah was born to attend weekend-long music festival and wear strapless maxis while lounging in the sun”. She will be a natural in the art of hippy face-paint and most of her clothes will be recycled vintage ensembles.

U is for Ursula

The Scary Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid? Yep, she still gives you the heebie jeebies now but she was rocking the gothic makeup and silver hair way before it became trendy and The Little Mermaid is a classic Disney film so why not go with a bit of nostalgia.

V is for Viola

“The name of a Shakespearean character and a musical instrument. That’s highbrow.”

W is for Winston

Made famous by the legendary Mr Churchill who was an inspirational man who once said “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”. Maybe your child will be an inspirational political leader ready to make a change in the world too.

X is for Xena

The fierce Warrior Princess. It was a cool show back in the day.

Y is for Yara

“In Brazil, Yara can mean ‘forest girl’ or ‘water witch’, while in Greek it can mean ‘the loved one’. However, the Arabic translations are the best of all, ‘precious ruby’ or ‘romantic music under the moon’.”

Z is for Zooey

Zooey Deschanel is the apple of many mens eyes because she’s cute, quirky a little weird and oddly attractive. What’s not to love about a girl who will “go on to embolden a stream of broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and take action.”




By Bianca Spendlove

Lifestyle Writer

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