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Seven Year Switch Wedding Surprise

Seven Year Switch Wedding Surprise1

Woman’s Day has published pictures of the once-troubled Brad and Tallena exchanging wedding vows at the Pelican Waters Golf Resort and Spa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

A guest spilled the beans on the nuptials, which reportedly took place in front of 70 family and friends at the wedding hotspot.

“The past few months have made Brad and Tallena stronger than ever, and you could tell they genuinely in love,” says the source.

“Even their celebrant mentioned the couple had been through many challenges in reference to the TV show, but had come out of the experiment with more love for each other than ever before.”

To Seven Year Switch viewers, the couple’s future, however, looked bleak.

Seven Year Switch Wedding Surprise2

Brad admitted that he’d already postponed their wedding plans because he couldn’t see the point in splurging $1000 to say “I Do”, even though he’d just spent $3000 on a new flatscreen TV.

They also confessed on the controversial show that they hadn’t had sex for 11 months before signing on in a last ditch attempt to save their relationship.

“Once Tallena met Brad at the end of the aisle, they did a big Hollywood-style kiss — the dip-down style,” adds the wedding guest.

“It was very romantic and they couldn’t stop laughing, smiling and kissing all day. It was beautiful.”

Seven Year Switch Wedding Surprise4

As for the bed-sharing episode that shocked viewers, Tallena insists that it was all innocent and above-board, and she and Tim were only in bed together for no more than half an hour.

Sick of lying on the floor, Tallena had grabbed the bed while Tim was out, only to be awoken with the shock of seeing her uninvited house-mate snoring blissfully beside her.

For lessons all couples could learn from watching the divisive series, says show expert, click here.

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