Seven Steps To Designing A Timeless Interior

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Jun 24, 2022

It’s often said the most meaningful spaces have a timeless quality about them so the Head of Interior Design at Rob Mills Architects Louy Bell has given us her top seven steps for designing a timeless interior.

Louy Bell
Louy Bell is an Interior Designer with Rob Mills Architects.


It’s important to feel cocooned and comfortable in a space, which can be achieved without overfilling an interior. Providing breathing space for key pieces helps achieve balance and hierarchy in a timeless interior. This can assist in maintaining simplicity which can be elegant and beautifully unexpected.

2. Materiality

Colour, texture, and durability should always be considered in relation to the overall narrative and experience of a residence. Using natural materials, or colours that resemble natural elements can create a timeless warmth and energy in a room. The use of linen for window treatments is a timeless solution.

3. Invest
Invest in pieces you love, whether it’s a piece of art or furniture. Buy once, buy well, and look for timeless pieces that you can enjoy for years to come. Keeping a wish list of your favourite found items can help when pondering over whether to spend or save.

4. Work from the floor up

If you are renovating, assess at the condition of your flooring first. Restoring floorboards can help maintain authenticity in a home. If you are starting from scratch, choose a timeless flooring that will ground the home. My personal favourite is a solid timber wide board with a natural finish for its warmth and character. It is also a beautiful material to live with through the seasons.

5. Hunt and Gather

Surround yourself with items and objects that bring you joy or have a sentimental value. The easiest way to create a unique and authentic interior is to source your pieces from a variety of places, whether they are new or vintage or something you have collected during your lifetime of travels.

6. Creating intimacy Interior Design

When designing a small room or space, don’t be afraid of creating intimacy. The solution isn’t always to make a space feel bigger, it could be to celebrate the small scale by creating a sense of intimacy through ambient lighting, a rich collection of tones and textures, and a comfortable furniture configuration.

7. Technology

Technology has the ability to enrich our lives and enhance our living experience. Good quality sound, lighting, heating and cooling creates the most comfortable environment to spend time in when working from home, entertaining or watching a movie with loved ones.

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By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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