Meet Australian Mother and Daughter Jewellery Designers Maria and Anastasia

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May 07, 2021

We chatted with Maria and Anastasia owners of The Silver Collective about working together as a family and their new range of jewellery.

Tell us about The Silver Collective

THE SILVER COLLECTIVE is an Australian jewellery brand started by mother and daughter, Maria and Anastasia. In 2015, the duo saw a gap in the market for affordable finer sterling silver jewellery and were inspired to build a brand that was accessible and affordable for all.

Originally recognised as an online jewellery store only, the brand has now expanded and is currently working on opening their first flagship boutique in Westfield Miranda in 2020.

Maria and Anastasia have created a family culture throughout the brand which resonates throughout the jewellery collections and a combined social following of over 150,000 followers.

What motivated you to create the collection?

Maria – With a lifetime of experience in fashion, co-owner Maria is the head designer and mum of THE SILVER COLLECTIVE. After starting a successful children’s clothing line in her early 20’s, “Small Fun Children’s Wear” took a back seat as Maria put her career on hold to raise her two children. By the age of 50, Maria’s children were all grown up and she started a styling business called ICONIC-STYLE. ICONIC-STYLE later became THE SILVER COLLECTIVE, jewellery brand you now know and love.

Anastasia – She started THE SILVER COLLECTIVE at the young age of 22 by building the brand’s first website and setting up the online store. Anastasia saw an opportunity on social media for their young brand and started posting daily photos of the brand’s rings worn on her hand. These images would later be recognised as the brand’s signature look. With a background in jewellery and retail, Anastasia did not foresee how her earlier career skills would become the roots of THE SILVER COLLECTIVE today. Anastasia leads the online team and co-designs each jewellery piece with her mother, Maria.

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Image Credit: Silver Collective

Can you tell us about the design process?

Each piece is designed in-house by owners Maria and Anastasia. The women acknowledge the brand is very personal to them and credit their close bond and simplistic designs to the brand’s success.

What’s it been like working together as mother and daughter?

It’s been a wild ride, but we wouldn’t change a thing! We’ve always had a close relationship, but this has definitely taken us to new heights. Being a mother and daughter business, it has helped us to keep the values of our business tight knit and ensure that our team embrace the family values we hold and want to express through not only our company culture but also out product offering.

What pieces are ideal as gifts for mums?

Knowing what to pick for Mum can be tricky, so we’ve curated a specific Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help guide our customers in the right direction

What pieces are ideal for birthday presents?

The zodiac is a great birthday present as it’s obviously closely linked to the occasion! You can view the range here:

Tell about the collaboration with Fayt by Brittney Saunders?

We partnered with Fayt as we wanted to unveil a new range inspired by the journey of womanhood. This was the first time The Silver Collective have collaborated with any other brand on a jewellery collection. View the range here:

silver collective
Image Credit: Silver Collective

This was made up of two collections, Feminine Energy and Odyssey Collection.

  • Feminine Energy was designed by The Silver Collective co-owners Maria and Anastasia along with Brittney Saunders, with each piece featuring stunning rounded shapes inspired by the curves of a woman’s body. Unique and diverse, this collection is all about being unapologetically you.
  • The Odyssey Collection is inspired by the journey through womanhood. As strong inspiring women themselves, the collection symbolises the empowerment of women coming together and encouraging each other through the journey of life.

Our  A-Z collection and the  Jet Earrings are our most popular products.

silver collective
Image Credit: Silver Collective

Where is your Sydney Boutique?

Miranda Westfield in Sydney, NSW.

What’s the secret to your social media success?

There’s no secrets – that’s the trick! We are an open book and do everything we can to bring our audience along on the amazing journey we are on.

We share our successes but also our blooper moments both personally and professionally. We love embracing our staff and heroing them on our socials because after all, we are only as good as the people we have working with us and we want to celebrate them every day. Ways we do this is getting the team to do social takeovers and show what a day in their life at TSC looks like, or just having some fun and hosting a bake off to which we then created a content series out of it.

Do you have any predictions for the future of jewellery?

For us, the future of jewellery and our range in particular is all about identifying meaningful moments in our lives and in society and matching this with current trends. We love creating collections that reflect who we are as a team and what we stand for.

Do you have plans for future releases? 

Yes! We’re always launching new products and have some amazing pieces coming out in the next few months which will really help our customers make their winter wardrobe sparkle!

About The Silver Collective

Australian label THE SILVER COLLECTIVE specialise in Sterling Silver jewellery at an affordable price. Find a range of simple luxe jewellery in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold.

For more information, visit The Silver Collective website:


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