How Social Media Positively Influence Bloggers, Writers and Authors

Caroline Webster is a popular blogger at Caro & Co as well as the author of the book Caro & Co: Helping Kids Find Wonder in the Everyday.

Caroline visited to Women Love Tech and filled us in on the reasons why innovation and online networking has helped manufacture her gathering of people.

How has web-based social networking assumed a part in the Caro and Co journey?

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Web-based social networking (Social Media) has assumed a key part in helping manufacture a group of people/readership for Caro and Co. It is the most effortless way I know to expand the compass of your blog and, obviously, it’s not restricted to the nation in which you live. I’m sufficiently fortunate to now have perusers from around the globe. I cherish that worldwide association.

Which Social Media platform has been the best for you?

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At first it was Twitter. I utilized it as a method for contacting similarly invested bloggers with a view to dispersing and collecting data and thoughts. Indeed, such was the achievement of this, a gathering of around 10 of us framed our own hashtag, #playoutdoors to keep in contact. I think of them as great companions despite everything I have a weakness for Twitter. Presently however, I tend to utilize instagram as a method for outwardly sharing the fundamental of my blog. It’s so fast and simple and I discover the capacity to share Instagram posts crosswise over both Twitter and Facebook truly supportive and an incredible help.

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What would you recommend for businesses/authors/bloggers starting out?


Simply begin! Set up your own particular site/blog (get help if necessary) and begin composing. You’ll be conversing with yourself at first, yet by utilizing web-based social networking as a specialized device, you’ll in the end fabricate a crowd of people. Get your work done however. Know who you need to ‘talk’ to, what you need to state and stay with that. All that you compose ought to have a center message at its base. Spare photographs of sweet puppies and the supper you’ve quite recently cooked for your private social pages.


Be caring and comprehensive! Offer other bloggers’ posts, be strong of your perusers and draw in as much as you can. A center objective for me is guaranteeing that my site is a method for guaranteeing two-path correspondence however much as could be expected.

Also, bear in mind pictures to go with your written work. People are visual animals so great visual substance is fundamental.

What advice you can give to others to help them keep their audience engaged on social media?

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Get your work done first. Know who your perusers are, the reason they are perusing your blog and on which day and at what time they are well on the way to peruse. At that point work up some great substance (dependably have around 12 presents prepared on go) and plan that out to social when you know your group of onlookers is destined to be there. It’s for the most part acknowledged that you ought to plan something out no less than a few times each week to keep your perusers locked in.

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