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How To Gym-Proof Your Face

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We get it – you’re having a bad (face) day, and you just need to wear some makeup while you workout for self-confidence’s sake. So, we spoke to insta-famous personal trainer Jade Yarden about picking the right kind of products to use to stay looking gorgeous, even after a solid hour of H.I.I.T.


“Too often, I see girls turn up to training with thick layers of foundation, making you look super shiny by the end of your warm up.” says Yarden.

Solution: Something light should be your go-to, which won’t clog up your pores when you sweat. Go for a liquid to powder formula that’s light on skin and can zap up any shine as you workout.

Try: Curtis Collection Matte Perfection Mineral Foundation, $59


“I can definitely tell when a client is ready for their session – they usually have a fierce look in their eyes.”

Solution: A waterproof mascara can accentuate peepers, without flaking or creating panda eyes during your workout.

Try L’Oreal Paris Lash Architect False Lashes Waterproof Mascara, $21.95


“When I’m exercising on my own, I want people to look at me because I’m training well, and not because I’m wearing a bright lippie!”

Solution: A light lip balm is the way to go here. It’ll add a touch of shine and much needed moisture without being flashy. Plus, it won’t go all over your water bottle when you’re rehydrating.

Try Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm, $10.95


“Sweat and makeup don’t usually mix – I usually see it running down someone’s face when they sweat.”

Solution: Look for a long-wearing formula for cheeks so it won’t budge. Also, a subtle shade works well to mimic a natural glow or flush in the skin.

Try M.A.C. Pro Longwear Blush in Stay By Me, $43

What’s your top tip on looking your best at the gym?

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