Golden Globes 2021 – Get The Winning Look

Actress Emme Corri At The Golden Globes 2021
Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Mar 23, 2021

The Golden Globes 2021 Best Actress Award went to the beautiful British actress Emma Corrin, who played the late Princess Diana in the television series, The Crown. As she well should have – her portrayal of Diana is better than any we’ve seen, in our humble opinion!

Golden Globes 2021 Glow

Few people have managed to harness the glow the Princess of Wales possessed, however, her make-up and hair delivered both the the TV series, as well as on the Golden Globes 2021 red carpet and then some!

The beautiful young star was made up for the Red Carpet exclusively for Golden Globes 2022with luxury brand Sisley. Her make-up was applied by Florrie White and hair stylist Daniel Martin, who used the brand’s products exclusively.

Golden Globes 2021
Emma Corrin’s strikingly unique Harlequin-esque Hair and Hake-up, by Sisley, Paris.

SkincareBlack Rose Precious Face Oil & Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream 

Complexion: Phyto-Hydra Teint, Stylo Lumiere & Phyto Blush Twist

Eyes: Phyto Eye TwistPhyto Kohl Star, Les Phyto OmbresSo Stretch Mascara

Lips: Phyto Sourcil Perfect & Fix, , Phyto Lip Twist

Hair:  Hair Rituel Color Perfecting Shampoo, Hair Rituel Restructuring Conditioner, Hair Rituel Volumizing Spray & Hair Rituel Precious Hair Care Oil 

Aside from the fact that Emma won the Globe for her stellar performance, we’d also hazard a guess her star-striking make-up help bring home the Golden Globes 2021. With a hint of David Bowie’s Star-Dust and a lot of Harlequin-inspiration, one of the best parts of this look is you can easily pare it back from day-today, or go a bit darker for evening glam!

Golden Globes 2021
Emma Corrin – Golden Globes 2021


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

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