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From Vedic Meditation To Gratitude: 5 Tips For Resilience and Fearlessness

Whilst many of us are stuck at home, it is important that we tend to our inner garden. We can look after our ourselves in the comfort of our own home with Anna Young Ferris, wonderful offerings of online group Vedic meditations and knowledge meetings to build fearlessness and resilience. Here are some of her tips to keep that inner garden blooming

Anna Young Ferris

Anna is an established academic, focusing on conscious business and conscious education. She has experimented with different meditation techniques for more than two decades and often uses Vedic Meditation as it can be easily integrated into the business of modern living.

Vedic Meditation

Anna uses Vedic Meditation in her courses. More often, scientific research is emphasising what ancient masters have known for centuries, that meditation can have a huge impact on how we think and feel. It can improve our relationships with ourselves and others. Vedic is a 6000 year old ancient practice which can be incorporated easily into daily life. It can help with stress, fatigue and creativity.

Tend regularly to your inner garden

Whether you are a student of Vedic meditation or another tradition, the world needs your calm presence right now. Tend to your inner garden with more regularity than ever before. Twice daily meditation is a non-negotiable for my students! A bonus is meditation is scientifically proven to boost immunity.

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Cultivate fearlessness

There is so much hype in the media and remember energy flows where your attention goes. Consciously avoid the news and focus on uplifting content, share this within your circles rather than fuelling the fear. If you want an update on the statistics, head to the World Health Organisation.

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Practice presence and gratitude

It’s okay to not be okay, just notice these feelings, and accept them. Then try to shift your attention to being present to what is and having gratitude for everything you do have. Social isolation is actually a luxury afforded to the affluent so enjoy it while you can.

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Uplift the collective

Instead of focusing on your individual need/lack, consider how you might be the shining light and uplift your collective in whatever small or large way you can.

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Written by Sadie Archibald

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel.

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