Seven Products Sonia Kruger Applies to Her Skin Every Morning

Sonia Kruger Beauty Tips
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

Mar 24, 2024

From Strictly Ballroom to Big Brother to Breakfast TV hosting duties on Today Extra, Sonia Kruger has certainly worn a lot of hats (or more accurately perhaps, shades of blush?) throughout her 20+ year media career.

Making her somewhat of an expert on serums, shimmery powders and all things skin and make-up. As a result, Sonia’s most recent roles as ambassador for clinically proven local skincare brand  freezeframe (leading with the launch their revolutionary 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze Ice Roller Mask), places her in a perfect position to answer all our beauty FAQs. Including how Australia’s latest Gold Logie Award winner, manages to maintain the kind of glow that matches her sparkly statuette! 

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Hi Sonia! You’ve come some way from the glittery eye shadow of your Tina Sparkle days (which we loved by the way!) But, what products are always in your make-up bag today?

When I am not working I always keep things low key with a tinted moisturiser,  lip balm and some bronzer. If I need a quick “glow up” before meeting friends or going out to dinner I put on some cream blush and bronzer. Oh and a good mascara. I like freezeframe’s Instant Lash Xtreme. It’s water resistant and doesn’t move which is great on a hot day.  Lately, I have been playing around with highlighter. A little bit can make a lot of difference to the cheek bones when going for the minimal look.

And what can we expect to see on your skin care shelf?

I do love a great hydrating night cream, it doesn’t have to be expensive just a really great deep moisturiser.  If I am prepping for an event or something special I use the freezeframe’s 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze Mask. It contains hydrating coconut water, and a built in ice-roller which feels amazing on the skin. It’ssimple to use and works to smooth out any fine lines in as little as 30 minutes. And gives you that feeling of instant radiance at the end of the day when we need it most!

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Your skin looks amazing … Tell us your secrets! How has your routine changed over the years?  

Interestingly my routine has become less complicated over the years. However, I focus a lot on cleanser. After being on set all day I start with Neutrogena oil free eye make-up remover. Then Bioderma Micellar Water. And then thirdly the Deep Cleanse by Dermalogica. I like to follow with a a serum to make sure it really penetrates the skin.  I’ll then add a hydrating moisturiser. I also use an eye cream morning and night (I love freezeframe’s Revitaleyes for its refreshing, moisturising effect). Finally, I also never forget to apply SPF every day now that we know so much more about the risks of sun exposure.

What are your general best tips for glowing skin?

I think glowing skin starts from the inside first. So working up a sweat with regular exercise and drinking plenty of water helps.  For a bit of extra glow before going out I have been using 48 Hour Wrinkle Freeze ice roller mask. I leave it on for 30 mins and my skin is instantly glowing and radiant. Iit works quickly which really suits a busy lifestyle. I also love Three Warriors gradual tan, it’s just the right amount of colour which I can control to even out the skin tone on my face and body .

Given that you’re just as likely to be doing school pickups as you are walking the red carpet , what are your favourite make up looks – both day and evening?  

In the day time I like a really minimal look. A tinted moisturiser like BB Blur and some lip balm is a daily must for me. If it’s a social occasion I will add mascara and blush but I don’t go overboard. If it’s “The Voice” or a work event then more is more, I am happy to have fun and go to town trying different looks, lashes and lip colour.

Finally, are there any beauty lessons you have (ahem) learnt along the way? 

I am fortunate to work with professional make-up artists like Simone Forte  who has taught me a few little tricks. Like contouring around the jawline and nose and using products that can double up as bronzer and eyeshadow.   A few shortcuts can go a long way to giving your face a bit of a lift on a weekend when you don’t want to wear too much make up.


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

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