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Did You Say Beauty Fridge? Yep, Discover The Benefits Of Cold Skincare

Cooling your skincare could be the trick you need for a fresher and firmer beauty look! We have all heard of aloe vera and refreshing spritz’s for the skin, but now we can chill our products ourself.

Have you heard of Beauty Fridges? This mini fridge is perfect for various skincare products and has both cooling and heating options for all your beauty needs. Although cooling skincare is a personal preference, there is a bunch of beauty benefits and isn’t everything better when its cool, calm and collected?

By cooling products, it can calm and de-puff the skin by tightening pores. This takes down inflammation and drains fluid build-up, soothing the skin for a fresher, fuller look. When placing certain products in the cold it can also prolong the life of the product, minimise bacteria build up and enhance product effectiveness. Some studies have even shown that cooling products can help decrease the production of sebum. This can make your skin less oily and uniquely revitalised.

In particular, cooling products can be great for eye creams as the cool temperature can help constrict blood vessels minimising the bags under the eyes for a fresher look.

These little fridges also have a heating effect which can conveniently warm wet towels and waxes for that end of the day cleanse.

beauty fridge

These cute little fridges are also great for simply storing or organising your products and as a funky feature to your bedroom or bathroom display. Beauty fridge has also just launched two limited edition colours, Mint and Yellow to choose from!

Written by Sadie Archibald

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel.


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