A Free Mother’s Day Gift To Last An Entire Year

Dr Karen Phillip

Psychologist and Health contributor

May 08, 2017

Are we ready for Mother’s Day? That one day of the year we all get to spoil our mum.

We all treasure our mums, we love them, appreciate them and want to make Mother’s Day special for them.

Being a mother, as we all know, is the hardest, most challenging and rewarding job a woman can ever do.

Then on this one day, we spoil her, do things for her, make her feel pampered and appreciated. I wonder, what if we can help her feel appreciated and recognised every day? Surely this would be the most brilliant Mother’s Day gift that could last all year.

How do we do this you ask? Some effort and planning enable us to make Mother’s Day an everyday – to show our incredible mum, she truly is appreciated and in our thoughts every day, not just on one day a year.

Dad and the kids need to do the work to make this happen; not much work, just a little effort for Mum, who we all agree is so worth it, right?

I have attached an eBook below for all family members to guide you through how you can make your Mother’s Day truly sensational for your mum. A special gift she will remember forever, will brag about to all her friends and be the envy of every other mum. All this can be given to Mum by those who love her most, her partner and kids.

Mothers dedicate their life to their kids and family; they do all they can every day, are on call 24/7 and work continuously looking after everyone else.

We understand how busy our mum always is and the result is exhaustion. Spoiling Mum on just one day is not enough.

Imagine how wonderful it will feel to have Dad and the kids doing things for themselves, participating in some of the household tasks and sharing what needs to be done. When there is balance, the family is more content.

By clicking the link, you will also receive a free downloadable relaxation session for Mum so she can stop, sit quietly, close her eyes and just listen, to develop peace, calm and tranquility throughout her mind and body.

How amazing will that feel for Mum?

Click here to get your free gift now.


By Dr Karen Phillip

Psychologist and Health contributor

Dr Karen Phillip is a counselling psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist specialising in parenting and relationships. The widely respected author of “Who Runs Your House, the kids or you?’ and ‘OMG We’re Getting Married’ is also in demand as a speaker and regularly appears on TV and radio.



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