Watch Out For Hackers At Big Events: 8 CyberSecurity Tips

Watch Out For Hackers At Big Events: 8 CyberSecurity Tips

Cybersecurity experts are warning soccer fans in Russia that they might be attractive targets for hackers. But you don’t need to travel to Russia to worry about that.

There are plenty of ways you can become hacked and from any place. The most common hackers’ tactics are man-in-the-middle attacks, Wi-Fi sniffing, and fake hotspots. Especially unreliable are those Wi-Fi hotspots that are free, usually provided in coffee shops, shopping malls, airports, stations, etc.

Here is some advice from NordVPN on staying secure whether you are lucky enough to be in the stadium watching the World Cup – or any big public event.

  1. Don’t share your device. Be extremely cautious with your devices – don’t share your smartphone or computer with anyone, especially the ones you don’t know.
  2. Install a VPN. A VPN makes a user’s online traffic snoop-proof through strong encryption. When connected to a VPN, public Wi-Fi can be used without getting paranoid about data being stolen. NordVPN, for example, is easy to use and keeps no user logs.
  3. Be careful with gifted USBs. Be cautious with various IT-related gifts, such as USB keys – throw them away instantly, as such items might contain viruses or other malicious content.
  4. Always update. Update all your apps and software, both on your laptop and smartphone.
  5. Be careful about fake apps. Use and download only official applications.
  6. Avoid online financial transactions on unprotected networks. Avoid using internet banking, buying online or presenting your credit card details online if the network is unprotected.
  7. Don’t tell them where you are. Avoid sharing your location on social media or other applications.
  8. Press the off button. Keep your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off, except when needed.

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