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7 Apps To Help Keep You Safe On A Night Out

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We imagine that your iPhone is already packed with all manner of useful apps, but do you have any to help keep you safe?

Safety is a huge concern to everyone, especially if you’re a woman venturing anywhere alone in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, if you have access to a smartphone, these 7 nifty apps will provide you with a degree of security:

1. Watch Over Me

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If you find yourself detouring anywhere slightly dodgy, you can choose to be tracked by Watch Over Me via GPS for a pre-set amount of time. If you don’t tap “I’m Safe” before time runs out, your nearest and dearest will get an alert. The app will provide them your exact location on a map and whatever pictures or videos you have uploaded on the app.

In case of emergency, Watch Over Me turns your phone into emergency tool with just a shake. Even if your phone is locked, with one shake it turns on your phone’s alarm, and video camera, and sends an alert to your emergency contacts.

2. bSafe


bSafe is quite similar to Watch Over Me. For instance, it allows you to add contacts (it calls them Guardians) who can follow you when you are heading back home. It also has an SOS button that you have to press to set off an alert to your Guardians, by providing them your GPS location.

3. Circle of 6


Circle of 6 is a free app. You first need to build a circle of six friends or family members to quickly call on when you are in danger and need help. With only one touch, the app alerts your “Circle of 6” or emergency services with your request for help, and your current location so they can find you quickly.

4. Panic Guard


PanicGuard can be very useful if you are facing a dangerous situation. You can activate the app by simply shaking your smartphone, and it will track your location, record video and sends an alert to your emergency contact. If the app is shaken again it emits a loud alarm sound and turns on the flash on the mobile handset. The app can be deactivated only by entering a security code.

5. gotU

gotU is the first app, pay-as-you-go solution for roadside assistance that requires no membership or annual fees. If you are stuck on the side of the road and need help, gotU is just a tap tap away. You first need to select the service you need:

  • Flat battery
  • flat tyre
  • Need a tow,
  • Jump start
  • No fuel
  • Keys locked in car

Then gotU pinpoints your location, finds service providers nearby and connects you with a trained roadside assistance specialist who make his way to you 24/7.

6. Uber


As you probably know, Uber is a taxi service that allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.  But Uber can also be very useful in case of emergency. First it allows you to know the position of the closet Uber drivers available, and it also allows you to know how long the trip will last depending on the current traffic. Recently, a woman from Melbourne who was about to give birth called a Uber instead of an ambulance because it was way faster. Full story here.

7. Maps.Me


Getting lost by night in a city you don’t know with no signal can be very stressful. With Maps Me you can make sure you will find your way. Indeed Maps Me is an app that allows you to have access to maps in all countries and cities and give you your exact location, even when you are offline! You just have to download the maps of the area before you leave.

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