4 Reasons Why Celebrities Depend on Personal Security Guards

Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 08, 2023

People recognise you wherever you go, constantly trying to escape the paparazzi, and have thousands if not millions of fans worldwide – the life of a celebrity is an exciting one, to say the least. Being constantly in the spotlight certainly has its own advantages. Still, there are certain risks that come with fame as well, and that includes safety risks.

This is why almost all celebrities keep their security personnel close wherever they go as this helps ensure that their safety is not compromised. In this article, we’ll be looking at four compelling reasons why celebrities depend on personal security guards.

Staying safe while on the go

There’s no doubt that travelling as a celebrity can be quite stressful. Having everyone know where you are and what you’re up to can be quite frightening, and is one of the downsides of fame. The results of this are what Liam Hemsworth and his then spouse Miley Cyrus experienced back in June 2019 when they travelled to Barcelona, Spain for Cyrus’ performance.

According to ELLE Australia, the singer was groped by a fan who waited for the couple to exit their Barcelona hotel. He then tried to kiss her. Hemsworth put his hand around his spouse trying to protect her and ward off any other overly-excited fan. Their security personnel dealt with the intrusive fan by pushing them away. This is just one example that highlights the importance of having reliable personal security guards. Not only will they do their best to ensure their clients can visit and leave a place sans disturbances, but they’ll also be there to manage crowds and eliminate the risk of incidents.

Ensuring personal protection round the clock

Kylie Minogue

Australian singer Kylie Minogue arrives for the screening of the film “Elvis” during the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, southern France, on May 25, 2022. (Photo by Valery HACHE / AFP) (Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)

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Aside from trying to kiss or hug a celebrity, some fans may stalk their favourite stars. Certainly, having someone lurking around your home is no joke. One celeb that’s experienced this first-hand is Kylie Minogue. In January 2019, the singer informed the police that a man in his 40s was lurking around her London abode. He reportedly rang the star’s intercom and didn’t want to leave.

Harassment is one of the celebrity concerns that could be addressed by hiring personal security guards. Depending on the types of training for security guards these professionals have had, they can offer various services. They can also be armed or unarmed depending on the type of protection the client is looking for. Once they’ve assessed their personal needs, celebrities can find personal security guards that suit them best. 

Virtual presence and cybersecurity

Kim Kardashian

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There’s no denying the massive influence and power of social media. From celeb YouTube channels to celebrity beauty TikTok accounts, social media platforms are ideal for promoting celebrity brands and products. However, they can also pose a threat to celebrities’ safety. A-listers are no strangers to cyber threats, as there are many who’d gladly get their hands on sensitive information that they can leak to the public afterwards. This is why boosting their cybersecurity is like hiring experienced personal security guards to ensure physical security.

This is certainly what the reality star Kim Kardashian should have done to prevent the now famous Kardashian heist. Back in 2016, the celebrity was reportedly attacked by masked thieves. They held her at gunpoint in her Paris apartment that she rented so she could attend Fashion Week. Given the star’s virtual presence and constant flaunting of her valuable possessions and locations, adequate security measures are a must, and that includes cybersecurity.

Addressing privacy concerns and maintaining personal safety

Nicole Kidman

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While being famous is a part of their job, stars need their peace and quiet as much as we do. This can be rather difficult as they’re recognised wherever they go, regardless of the fact that they’re off-screen and not performing.

Nicole Kidman knows this, as she was constantly chased by paparazzi at the height of her fame back in the 2000s. There was one instance where the pregnant Kidman and her husband Keith Urban were spotted in front of a New York theatre. The group of photographers were chasing the couple’s SUV when the actresses’ bodyguard decided to get out of the car and lay on the street. No doubt, this helped ward off the annoying snappers and let the couple escape and get some much-needed privacy.

The world and lifestyle of high-profile individuals is intriguing but also intimidating. Whether they’re visiting a foreign country, performing, or running errands, celebrities are under a constant threat. Still, it is possible to secure that much-needed peace of mind, and it all starts with hiring reliable personal security guards to keep them safe and sound.


By Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at Women Love Tech and High Style Life.



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